It was yesterday that the Norwegian troupe arrived in Ruka.

In this connection, coach Eirik Myhr Nossum tested positive for corona.

Right now, the Norwegian team is waiting for the answer from the control test.

- We hope to get the test result in the morning, says Norwegian national team doctor Öystein Andersen in a statement.

The entire Norwegian squad, including the big star Therese Johaug, has been quarantined ahead of this weekend's world cup premiere.

- We follow all guidelines and relate to the Finnish authority, says Öystein Andersen.

A similar situation befell the Swedish ladies before the slalom premiere in Levi last weekend.

Then a Swedish coach tested positive for the virus on arrival at Levi.

The whole squad was quarantined and no Swede was allowed to compete in Levi.

- I'm sitting here in my room, healthy as a nut, and not doing much.

I'm so fucking angry, pissed off, sad and all that stuff, said Anna Swenn Larsson in Vintertsudion last weekend.

The expert explains: Why has Fis not created a ski bubble?

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Why hasn't Fis created a ski bubble?