Yesterday, Diego Armando Maradona had a heart attack at his home in Buenos Aires.

He died, 60 years old.

The six ambulance came to Maradona's home to try to save his life.

Want to start an investigation

The football legend's lawyer Matias Morla is critical of the care of Maradona.

He thinks that an investigation should be started.

- According to what prosecutors said, it is inexplicable that Diego did not have any attention from the medical staff for twelve hours.

It took more than half an hour for the ambulance to arrive, it is criminal idiocy.

This factual information must not go unnoticed and I ask that it be investigated until the end.

As Diego told me: "You are my soldier, who acts without mercy", writes the lawyer Matias Morla on Twitter.

Maradona's doctor, Alfredo Cahe, is in the same line.

- Diego was not treated properly.

He should have been in a hospital, a patient in his condition should not be discharged after a week.

That he was sent home was a stupid mistake, Cahe tells CalcioMercato.

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We take a closer look at the goals of the century