- It was not a crash or anything, but during a heat I caught up with the one in front of me and turned out at a jump.

Upon landing, I came a little straight towards a cane and drove off the track, but it was when I braked that I felt that something was wrong, Sandra tells skidor.com.

When she thinks back on the incident, she can not directly say when the actual injury occurred.

- No, not really, if it was when I landed and put in the right leg, or… no, I can really say when they happened.

But when I slowed down, it cut like knives straight into my knee.

Näslund was examined on site in Laax on Tuesday, then flew to Sweden and on Thursday morning an examination was made with a magnetic camera in Stockholm.

The swelling in the knee must go down before rehab can be started.

- Yes, I feared the worst right away when I felt the pain.

Now that the situation is as it is, I must aim to be back after the turn of the year.

But it's sour, it has felt really good skiing in the end and I have made great progress on things I wanted to improve, says Näslund.