In an interview with Sportbladet after winning the gold ball for the twelfth time, Zlatan Ibrahimovic said that he misses the national team and opened for a return if Janne Andersson asks.

The national team captain Andersson in turn replied that it is natural that they both have contact in the future.

- As for the question of games in the national team, I perceive it as if Zlatan now speaks in a way he has not done before.

This makes it feel natural that we have some form of contact in the future to discuss the matter further, the next meeting is only in March so there is plenty of time for that, Andersson says in a statement.

SVT Sports expert Daniel Nannskog is happy that Ibrahimovic and Andersson have approached each other.

- It is good that Janne opens up for a dialogue, and to listen to Zlatan.

Is it the case that Zlatan is really hungry, with the level he holds, it is clear that it would have been very exciting with him in the national team again, says Nannskog.

Also sees risks

He admits that Ibrahimovic in the Swedish EC squad is a tickling thought.

- It would have been awesome considering how cruel he is at the moment.

Other teams will be scared and he will also attract a lot of attention among the defenders, which gives room for the others.

However, Nannskog is worried that Ibrahimovic's possible return to the national team could have a negative effect on the others in the team.

- It could be that the others rely too much on him and that everything will go through Zlatan.

But if all players contribute as now and dare fully themselves, it would be the perfect mix with Zlatan back.

The next national team gathering for the Swedish men is in March next year.

- There is a long time left until the next collection and a lot can happen.

But if Zlatan is healthy and fit and still hungry, it's absolutely just driving.

Then I believe in it, says Nannskog.