On October 30, Diego Maradona celebrated his 60th birthday.

The month of November that followed was characterized by medical problems, ultimately resulting in his death on Wednesday.

That's how the last month of one of the best footballers of all time passed.

France Football

published the last interview Maradona gave on its sixtieth birthday.

When asked what he wanted for his birthday, Fluff replied witty and mischievous as always: "Another goal against England, but now with my right hand."

The cheerfulness that Maradona radiated in that interview was hard to find three days later.

He was transferred to a clinic in La Plata, Argentina.

His private physician, Leopoldo Luque, initially downplayed it as "a problem with his appetite," but a day later Maradona was taken by ambulance to a larger clinic, where surgery was performed in the evening for a bruise in the head.

After eight days in hospital, Maradona was discharged on November 11.

He went to his home in Buenos Aires to continue to recover.

Until his death two weeks later, no official reports came out about the health of the trainer of the Argentinian club Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata.

Leopoldo Luque, Maradona's personal physician, speaks to the media.

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'Maradona has not used alcohol last month'

The Argentinian newspaper


writes that Maradona had a nurse available 24 hours a day after his departure from the hospital.

A kinesiologist helped to move better every day.

His daughters Gianinna and Jana regularly visited the football legend.

In his last month, Maradona would have managed to avoid using alcohol, the Argentinian newspaper writes.

According to the doctors, this is crucial to prevent a backlash.

Maradona had long been addicted to alcohol, just as he used long-term drugs at various times in his life.

Argentine media await news at the clinic where Maradona is being operated on for a bruise in his brain.

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'Maradona spoke about returning as a trainer'

Maradona is said to have spoken with his medical team about a gradual return as a trainer.

The idea was to visit a training or competition of Gimnasia once a week.

But in recent days his condition deteriorated.

Consideration was given to a temporary stay in Cuba, where at the beginning of this century he already went to a clinic for a cocaine addiction in a clinic.

It didn't get that far.

At around 12:00 local time on Wednesday, Maradona suffered a cardiac arrest.

Nine ambulances rushed to his house, but the emergency room to no avail.

Agents keep the curious at bay from Maradona's house.

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