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It is from her that it all started.

If Wendie Renard had described at the end of last year her difficult relationship with Corinne Deacon in her book

My star

, it is indeed Sarah Bouhaddi's decision not to come to the France team as long as the coach remains in place, announced at the start September, which was the trigger for the tense situation among Les Bleues.

Last week, she spoke again on Canal +.

She assured that if she was selected again, she "would go with pleasure".

A misunderstood exit, according to her.

The OL goalkeeper was therefore keen to "put things straight" in

L'Equipe on


“We thought I was going backwards, that I was a weather vane but things are clear in my head,” she said in the preamble.

In short, she is ready to come back if things are clear between her and Corinne Deacon.

“It's always a pleasure and an honor to wear the blue jersey, but the situation is not favorable for me,” she said.

I don't go back, I don't regret what I did.

We all have to be able to put things straight and move forward to win a title.

My goal is to win a title, not to go on vacation with Corinne Deacon.

If tomorrow I am European champion with her, I would be proud and happy.

But there are a lot of things to sort out, with her and with her staff.


Bouhaddi specifies that his intention is not to wait until the coach is no longer in post to find the Blue.

And even less to have wanted his skin.

“I was attacked thinking that I wanted to get her fired from her job, it's false and unreal.

I didn't want her to be fired, ”she says.

"I sent back information that did not please"

Bouhaddi also goes back at length on the reasons which pushed her to make this decision in September.

The link, tenuous, was broken at the end of the 2019 World Cup. “There was a record.

Mine went well.

Until the moment when, having responsibilities in this team, I sent information to Corinne.

This information did not please.


The goalkeeper says that during the following rallies, the coach completely ignored her.

And when she didn't, it was to blame him for wanting to make her leave.

"I looked her in the eye, saying: 'Corinne, you are wrong about me, at no time did I want to get you kicked out of the national team. You are a coach and we are with you."

She replied: "OK, I believe you".

But the acts behind it didn't show that she was with me.


Soon the big explanation ... and a return?

Sarah Bouhaddi will now see how the situation evolves.

At 34, she has not yet given up on Euro 2022, perhaps her last chance to win a title with the Blue after 149 selections.

Even with Corinne Deacon, then, when she had said that the thing seemed "impossible" to her a few weeks ago.

The coach, she announced last week that a big explanation could take place, but after the last two qualifying matches, scheduled for Friday against Austria and Tuesday against Kazakhstan.


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