NC Dinos, who won the Korean series of professional baseball, presented the execution sword ceremony at the center of the topic.

NC Dinos beat Doosan in Game 6 of the Korean Series held at Gocheok Dome yesterday (24th) and climbed to the top with a series record of 4-2.

The moment the players enjoyed the joy, NC owner Kim Taek-jin appeared with something piled on a black cloth, which was Lineage's execution sword.

Captain Yang Yu-ji raised his huge sword, and the players gathered around him reached out to the sky.

It was the'Execution Sword Ceremony' to commemorate the moment of becoming the 2020 Korean Professional Baseball Champion.

'Execution Sword Ceremony' also caught the attention of foreign media., the official website of the major leagues, introduced NC's championship ceremony, saying, "If you win the KBO league, you get a huge sword." said, "NCSoft, the parent company of NC Dinos, is an online game company. NCsoft presented a model of the execution sword to the winning club. It was like a scene where the players defeated the last opponent in a video game and took the sword." I said. knew the meaning of the execution sword, but major foreign media misunderstood the execution sword as the winning trophy in the Korean Series.

The Athletic evaluated, "Isn't it the best trophy in all sports?" CBS Sports introduced the NC ceremony video, saying, "Look at this novel ceremony."

The NC squad performed a ceremony using the'Executive Sword', the flagship weapon of NCsoft's flagship game Lineage, and the joy of winning was freshly expressed and the parent company's game was promoted abroad.

The NC team said, "With the concept of KS, we used'All for One, One for All', the famous phrase of the Three Musketeers," and "The NC team came up with the idea of ​​a victory ceremony using a sword." I explained.

(Photo = Yonhap News)