Recently, the news that South Korea’s 13-year-old talented Go girl Kim Eun-chi was suspended for one year for cheating using AI has exploded in the Go world.

This is the first time that AI cheats have been officially exposed in professional Go games in the world. In fact, since the "Alpha Dog" captured human Go in 2016, AI has been inseparable from Go. In recent years, AI has also cheated. It is not uncommon in online chess tournaments.

  Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Tang Min

  Is 100% consistent with AI?

The genius girl is too "bull"

  Jin Eunchi is well-known in the Korean Go world. She is currently the youngest professional Go player in South Korea and is known as the "Genius Go Girl".

On the evening of September 29 this year, in the Korean professional Go online game "ORO National Game", Kim Eun-chi defeated South Korea's seventh-ranked men's top national player Lee Young-gu in the top 24, and he almost won the game-the black only With 129 hands, he won in the middle.

However, a Go enthusiast analyzed the game after the game and found that Jin's method and the AI ​​program's recommendation coincided with a rate of 92%, which aroused suspicion.

Following the spread of the cheating, the coach of the Korean national team interviewed Kim Eun-chi and invited AI companies at home and abroad to analyze the game.

In the end, Jin Enchi also admitted to using AI to cheat and was eventually suspended for one year.

  Regarding this cheating game, Nanjing’s Internet celebrity Go anchor "Southern Big Spoon King" Yang Tianbo also studied. He told the Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News reporter: "I was not at home when I was watching this game, so I didn’t use my computer The AI ​​software katago inside analyzed it, and used Yike’s eagle eye to analyze it. As a result, the match between her mid-market and AI reached 100%, which is shocking."

  What is the concept of 100% overlap with AI?

Since elementary school chess, in 2006, the anchor "Nan Da Shao Wang" of the amateur stage 5 told the Yangtze Evening News/Zi Niu News reporter: "Generally speaking, if human moves can overlap with AI to 80%, it is very shocking. Circumstances. It is also the number one South Korea’s Shin Jin-jeong who has been reached once before. He is also the closest human chess player to AI moves, so he is called "Shen Gong Zhizhi." Ke Jie is such a powerful chess player. The coincidence degree is only about 70%. What level do you say can reach 100%? Is it still human?"

  Is the "Kim Eunji Incident" the first case?

Cheating is prevalent

  Although Jin Enchi is currently the first professional chess player to use AI to cheat in public, in fact, cheating in online chess matches has long been rampant.

Previously, there was such a ridiculous incident in the Go world: Player A reported that Player B used AI in the game. The reason is very convincing. Because Player A himself used AI to cheat, he actually lost the game, so B must be A stronger AI is used.

  In September this year, in the Go exchange tournament held in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, amateur 6-dan player Li Xu defeated professional 7-dan Zhang Tao.

At that time, Li Xu's high degree of AI coincidence in the game aroused suspicion from the outside world, thinking that he might have used AI to help.

  Coincidentally, in the National Go Home League in early November, a little-known chess player from a certain team in the three provinces of the Northeast successively defeated powerful opponents, including the amateur Go world king Hu Yuqing.

Nan Da Shao Wang, an online celebrity Go anchor in Nanjing, used the AI ​​software katago commonly used by amateur chess players to analyze the game and found that the coincidence of a certain game of the chess player with AI reached an incredible 86%.

Nanjing amateur master Meng Fanxiong, who represented the Nanjing Jiangning team in the Hometown of Go League, also sent a special message to WeChat Moments to question this.

Meng Fanxiong had a successful stage as early as 1999 and had a professional rank.

He told a reporter from the Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News: "In this Go hometown competition, the Chinese Go Association actually attaches great importance to it. Each competition area has assigned a person to serve as the chief referee to supervise the players. Jiangning team also specially prepared a computer for chess Hand use, it’s not allowed to use your own computer to participate in the competition to prevent silly. However, not every competition area is so strict. Some teams can bring their own computers to use, which provides opportunities for cheating. Even if someone supervises, But you can do something with your own computer and use AI to see the tricks at critical moments. It is completely possible." Meng Fanxiong said that the overlap between his chess and AI is generally maintained at about 65%. Those who are more than 80% amateur masters basically Everything is abnormal.

  To illustrate the proliferation of AI, "Southern Big Spoon King" told the Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News reporter: "I used to play on Yehu (Go vs. Platform), and once reached 9 stages, which was basically the highest stage. But later I found that in this game, on average 3 to 4 games, someone would use AI to play chess with me. I have a basis for saying this, because after every game I will use AI to analyze and find that the degree of agreement is really good. It's too abnormal."

  Use AI to supervise AI cheating?

The road to purification is a long way to go

  Ding Bo, the head coach of the Jiangsu Go team, told the Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News reporter: “In fact, Go is very suitable for online battles and competitions, which saves costs and is easy to use. However, the emergence of AI has made the game fair and just. Encountered a challenge."

  So is there a way to deal with "cheating"?

The current mainstream refereeing method is: on the one hand, look at the overlap between the game record and the current major Go artificial intelligence, on the other hand, look at the player's past record and strength, and judge by combining the two aspects.

However, this is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and there is also a lack of solid evidence.

Ding Bo said: "If it is an amateur game, it may be better to check. After all, the chess power is too far away from the AI. Some chess is obviously impossible to play. But for many professional players, it is not necessary to look at the artificial intelligence at every step. Even if you tell them the judgment of the winning percentage, you will know how to choose and play. This kind of affirmation is also cheating, but how to check?"

  "Southern Big Spoon King" put forward a new idea, he said: "I have been thinking that since AI develops so fast, it can easily capture human Go. So why not develop an anti-cheating AI? This AI can be recorded in advance. The level of the player’s level, and then monitor the players from multiple aspects such as the degree of fit, time used, and difficulty of the situation at the time, and give an assessment of the probability of cheating after the game. Even if this cannot be used as evidence, it can also be given to leading departments such as the Go Association for reference."

  For the Korean Chess Academy's self-revealing of family ugliness this time and punishing the talented Go girl, the "Nandaspoon King" applauded and applauded.

He said: “Being able to punish cheating players bravely is also a shock to some players who have such ideas. The Chinese Go Association should also learn from South Korea and increase supervision and punishment in this area, otherwise the trend of Go cheating will only intensify. "