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draft for the rookie of the professional basketball, Cha Min-seok, who was declaring sacrifices, was put on the Samsung uniform as the number one overall. This is the first time in history that a high school graduate has been selected as the number one overall.

This is reporter Kim Hyung-yeol.


Samsung, which received the nomination right after 20 years, made a decision without hesitation.

[Lee Sang-min/Samsung Director: Samsung Thunders Jemulpo High School Min-suk Cha.] Min-suk Cha, who is

2m tall and has excellent speed, was recognized for his potential and was the first to be selected as the first high school player.

[Cha Min-seok/Seoul Samsung: I think I decided to come out early (in an early draft) because I didn't think it would be pushed by my brothers.]

Park Ji-won of Yonsei University wore the KT uniform as the second overall.

Park Ji-hyun, the brother of Park Ji-hyun, the morning star of women's basketball, missed the nomination of the first sibling, but he promised a new brother and sister after his younger brother from the women's basketball rookie king.

[Park Ji-won/Busan kt: If I do well, I think that the results will follow, and I will try to become a player who shines KBL (professional basketball).] The

scene of the Corona 19 crisis has also come out.

Each club provided uniforms and hats as well as masks with the club logo to the nominated players. KBL cautioned when the players took off their existing masks for a while to replace them with club masks. I covered the mask and caught my eye.