It sounded as if the frustration of the past few weeks was bursting out of Mark Uth.

The 0: 2 (0: 2) against Wolfsburg meant the 24th winless game for Schalke in a row.

Something had built up.

The misery leaves its mark on the soul.

“I'm so served, you can't even imagine,” the attacker said to the reporter: “It's so sad to dribble here every time and just play powerless football.

We are being faked.

We come a step too late every time.

Every time.

We don't even get into the duels.

We didn't get a yellow card.

We can't even get into the duels. "

True words after the final whistle: Mark Uth speaks of the frustration of 24 games without a win

Source: AP / Martin Meissner

Baum also criticizes the team

The royal blue misery seems to have no end.

Even more dramatic than the miserable result against Wolfsburg, however, was the long stretches of powerless and unimaginative performance by the hosts.

While Schalke is stuck in the cellar, the biting and concentrated acting "Wölfe" eleven continues undefeated towards the top.

Watching the others cheer: Schalke also lost to VfL Wolfsburg

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It is also thought-provoking that the S04 coach praised the positive development of his team before the all-important game.

According to Baum in SPORT BILD, “the big tanker Schalke is on track to get back on track.” After the recent home debacle, however, Royal Blue seems to be stumbling towards the second division.

Shortly after kick-off there was the first blow to the neck for Frederik Rönnow, who was promoted to regular goalkeeper, in Schalke's case: A corner from Arnold headed 1.97-meter Weghorst into the far corner to make it 1-0 for Wolfsburg (3rd minute).

VfL then continued to spin, Weghorst, Schlager, new national players Baku and Steffen had the best chances to increase.

After a bustle in the penalty area, Schlager finally made the more than deserved 0: 2 (24th).

Full commitment on the sidelines: Coach Manuel Baum still has to wait for a win

Source: dpa / Martin Meissner

“They were able to play us over the center, they could play us over the wings.

You were more or less just chasing after, "said coach Manuel Baum:" That was far too little, especially at the beginning.

But things got a little better after the change. "


In fact, Schalke acted more dynamically and offensively after the change with a back four in defense.

Goncalo Paciencia, Steven Skrzybski and Uth missed the chance to hit the next goal.

A bar hit by Benito Raman (90th) remained the highlight of the effort.

“I don't know how we're going to win a game like this.

I think it's unbelievable, and I don't even know what to say about it, "Uth scolded, who expressly included himself in his colleague scolding:" We are a team.

We all play very, very bad football.

We all defend badly together and I don't know how to win a game like this.

I'm just so served and so mad at the moment.

I could go into the cabin and just cry. "