• Campazzo confirms his departure to the Nuggets

Facu said goodbye, without wanting to miss the last appointment, with professionalism in the battle, the total recognition of his teammates in the absence of the empty stands of the Palace and with the work done.

Campazzo left as the alpha male of Real Madrid, leaving a terrible feeling of orphanhood and a handful of questions, although when he arrived six and a half years ago it was all suspicions.

[100-78: Narration and statistics]

It will be for the memory this November 22, Madrid's 11th win in ACB run, against a Baxi Manresa who resisted as long as he could.

Because Campazzo did not save an iota of energy: he

signed his best game in valuation of the course

(28) and the second in scoring (20, with 11 of 11 in free throws) after the final of the Super Cup, which was his last title .

He stole five balls: there is no greater proof of commitment.

Real Madrid, which gave

Trey Thompkins and Rudy Fernández



- they took a severe blow to the back on Friday against Fenerbahçe - and did not have the injured Jeff Taylor, started strong with a Llull plugged in, as if they still had in mind his last game at ACB: last Sunday he posted a PIR of -12 against Fuenlabrada, the worst performance statistically of his career.

11 of the first white spots were his and the other eight from Tavares.

Manresa -

without Tabu or Eulis Báez

-, one of the most intoned teams in the competition, tried not to lose rope, but Carroll's entry (10 points before the break) meant another blow (39-27).

In that section, Felipe Reyes got the basket with which he beat Navarro in the list of the ACB's historical scorers: he is fourth, only behind Alberto Herreros (9759), Jordi Villacampa (8991) and Brian Jackson (8651) , a living and active legend.

Eatherton put up resistance to those of Pedro Martínez.

The pull of the locker room return was a hard blow to the visitor.

"A little tougher, eh," asked

Pedro Martínez


And his boys responded to the maximum against (60-42), with a 0-11 to return to the dance.

"If you are not aggressive, they will not whistle for fouls," Pablo Laso counterattacked his players vehemently in the timeout.

The intensity, the key to everything.

It was Campazzo who took the reins then, as if he did not want to say goodbye with pending tasks or a bad taste in his mouth.

Another partial return (11-0), to leave the Manresa men out of options, with

Facu this time more scorer than assistant


Even with the battle fully decanted, the Cordobans did not ask for a truce.

With five minutes to go, Madrid up 24, without ovation or sentimentality, greeting all the members of the squad and the coaching staff one by one, eyes glazed over the end of an extraordinary stage, Campazzo rested.

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