China News Service, November 22. The 8th round of the Bundesliga last night and this morning ended 7 games, two of the focus of the game, Dortmund relied on Harland's half-time four-time happy, 5:2 reverse Hertha Berlin, Bayern Munich The team that was tied 1:1 by Bremen and ranked in the top two standings can be said to have both ups and downs.

Picture source: Dortmund club official micro

  In Dortmund’s visit to Hertha Berlin, only one goal occurred in the first half. In the 33rd minute, Luke Baggio pushed across the outside, and Cunha on the right blasted the world wave. Burki was unable to intercept the home team Hertha Berlin. First record.

However, the crazy script began quietly with the end of the intermission.

  In the 47th, 49th, and 62nd minutes, the young striker Harland quickly scored three goals by grabbing points in front of the goal, shooting the far corner, and pushing the empty goal after the goalkeeper, helping Dort to reverse the decline. , The field score was also rewritten to 3:1.

Harland poster made by Dot.

Picture source: Dortmund club official micro

  Afterwards, Guerrero took over Menier and pushed forward again, and Dortmund won his pocket.

However, Hertha Berlin got a penalty in the 78th minute, and Cunha took the penalty in one fell swoop.

The 4:2 score was rewritten again in just two minutes.

It was Haaland who completed the steal in the frontcourt and delivered the ball quickly. Bellingham saw the former's move and sent a through plug. Haaland advanced in and scored again. It took only 33 minutes to complete the senior four. .

  In the end, Dortmund made a strong 5:2 away game against Hertha Berlin. The winning hero Harland had just won the Golden Boy Award the day before.

The game against Hertha Berlin was only the 22nd Bundesliga game played by Harland for Dortmund, but he has already surrendered a score of 23 goals, averaging more than one goal per game.

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  In another field, Bayern's 1:1 home draw with Bremen started earlier.

The deadlock was not broken until the 45th minute. Bremen threw a sideline ball from the right side. Sargent turned around to get rid of Harvey Martinez, broke into the penalty area on the right and knocked back. Egerstein was 11 meters in front of the goal with his left foot. Push the shot into the far corner, leading the visiting team.

  Only 7 minutes into the second half, Bayern almost evened the score. Douglas Costa intercepted the opponent's right rib to clear the ball, and shot 20 meters in front of the goal with his left foot. The bottom edge of the crossbar bounced back into the court. The slow motion showed that only the goal was scored. The difference is a little bit.

Fortunately, in the 62nd minute, Bayern finally tied the score, Gorecka passed diagonally from the right, and Koeman made a header from a small angle 4 meters away from the goal to the far corner.

  The 1:1 score was maintained to the end, and Bayern’s 10-game winning streak ended, and it also ended with Bayern’s 19-game winning streak against Bremen in the Bundesliga. At present, Bayern leads the Bundesliga standings with only one point advantage. Dortmund and Leverkusen are close behind. The fourth-placed RB Leipzig also maintains a gap with Bayern. After 8 rounds, the competition for the leading group of Bundesliga is still fierce. (Finish)