Women's Figure Skating GP Russia Tournament Tuktamisheva Wins November 22nd 7:19

On the 21st of the figure skating Grand Prix series, Russia, the second half of the women's singles was freed, and Russia's Elizaveta Tuktamisheva, who won the 2015 World Championship, won the championship.

On the 21st of the 5th round of the Grand Prix series in Russia, the second half of the men's and women's singles were free.

Among them, in the women's single, Russia's 23-year-old Tuktamisheva, who was second in the short program in the first half, decided to jump continuously from the triple accelerator at the beginning of the performance.

Although he made a mistake in the triple accelerator that followed, he made a stable performance such as landing three-turn jumps in quick succession, and won the championship with a total of 223.39 points, 148.69 free.

Last year's Grand Prix Final winner, who was the top in the short program in the first half, Russia's Alena Kostornaia was in second place without increasing the score due to mistakes in consecutive jumps from the third rotation.

In addition, Russia's Alexandra Trusova, who jumps in a quadruple jump, made a series of mistakes in the early stages of the performance, including failing in all three quadruple jumps, and finished fourth.

The men's single was won by Russian player Mikhail Kolyada, who won the bronze medal at the adult world championship.