Sumo Wrestling November Place The highlight of Chiakiraku The battle for victory is at the top of the conclusion November 22 4:43

Sumo Wrestling November The place is Chiakiraku, and Ozeki / Takakeishō, who is the top player in the battle for the championship with one loss, and Koyui / Terunofuji, who chases with one star difference, will face each other at the top of the conclusion.

If Takakeishō wins, the second victory will be decided, and if Terunofuji wins, it will be involved in the victory deciding match.

After the 14th day of the 21st, the battle for victory in November was narrowed down to Ozeki and Takakeishō, who are the leaders with only one loss, and Koyui and Terunofuji, who are chasing after two losses.

On the 22nd of Chiakiraku, the final venue of this year, Takakeishō and Terunofuji, who are competing for the championship, will face each other directly at the top of the conclusion.

Takakeishō and Terunofuji have played against each other twice in the past, and Takakeishō has won in both cases.

Takakeishō will have an advantage if he can raise Terunofuji's chest and attack by pushing from a low-profile stand-up.

If Takakeishō wins this first, it will be the second victory since the place in Kyushu.

Terunofuji, who is aiming for a come-from-behind victory, wants to win this first place and bring it to the championship deciding match.

If you can stop the movement of Takakeishō by stepping in from the witness and turning around, it seems that the white star will approach.

For Terunofuji, not only in the battle for victory at the current location, but also in aiming to return to Ozeki, I would like to accumulate even one winning star with "Honwari" from the time I come to the location.