Ski Jumping Men's World Cup Yukiya Sato Qualifying 2nd place November 21st 7:10

The ski jumping men's World Cup began in Poland on the 20th, and Yukiya Sato passed in 2nd place at the top of the Japanese team in the qualifying held before the first individual match.

The first individual ski jumping men's World Cup match is scheduled to be held on the 22nd, and on the 20th, qualifying will be held at the same venue, with six Japanese players including Sato and Ryoyu Kobayashi, the ace. I participated.

The qualifying was held on a large hill with a hill size of 134 meters, and Sato, who was in good shape as he won many domestic tournaments, flew the top 129 meters of the Japanese team and passed the qualifying in 2nd place overall.

Ace Kobayashi, who is approaching one more victory in the number of World Cup wins, up to 17 in total, which is the largest number of Japanese players in Japan, stays at 120 meters and passes the qualifying in 14th place.

In addition, Daiki Ito was 13th at 122 meters 50, Junshiro Kobayashi, Kobayashi's older brother, was 43rd, and Keiichi Sato was 48th.

On the other hand, Naoki Nakamura was unable to pass the qualifying because he was not in the top 50 in 52nd place.