The ruling on the Al-Nassr and Sharjah meeting was satisfied that the two players were punished with a yellow card

No report from the referee against Tigali in the Suarez incident

  • Suarez and Tigali, "the right of the picture", are in anger ... and the referee is close to the incident.

    Photography: Osama Abu Ghanem

  • Sharjah players try to calm Suarez after his incident with Tigali.

    Photography: Osama Abu Ghanem


A source revealed to "Emirates Today" that the referee, Hamad Ali Youssef, who managed the Sharjah and Al Nasr match, which was held the day before yesterday, at the Sharjah Stadium, within the sixth round of the Arab Gulf Football League, did not mention in his report any particular details about the incident. It occurred between the Brazilian player of Sharjah, Wilton Suarez, and Al-Nasr player Sebitsan Tigali, and the accompanying attacks, and the player Suarez entered into a crying fit and his insistence on leaving the stadium, before returning again and resuming the game, during the match that ended with Sharjah's victory with two goals to one goal, and the referee was satisfied Only by taking out the yellow cards for each of them, and the match was marked by psychological overload by the two teams, but the referee, Hamad Ali Youssef, was able in the end to bring it to safety, after taking out the yellow cards nine times, six of which were for victory and three for Sharjah.

Social media circulated widely the incident that occurred between Suarez and Tigali during the match, and no one knows what happened between the players, as the picture was blurry before Brazilian Sharjah striker Wilton Suarez revealed in a tweet to him on his account via "Instagram" what happened and forced him to cry. During the match.

Suarez emphasized that the matter was related to racism, and said: “November 20 is a day of black awareness, and we are still facing a cycle of racism.

Unfortunately I suffered from one of them in today's match (the day before yesterday), where the opponent's player used the term (monkeys).

Suarez, who moved to Sharjah from Al Wasl on loan, is one of the winning cards in the ranks of the "king", as he scored six goals in the league and competes for the top scorers.

Emirates Today sought to obtain a response from Al-Nasr Club about the incident, but to no avail, as no official response was issued from the club about what happened.

For his part, the Brazilian player of Sharjah, Caio Lucas, sympathized with his colleague Swires, and said in a tweet to him on his account on «Instagram»: «I could be talking here about our victory, or three points, or even our first place in the table, but instead of that I am here. To talk about racism.

Unfortunately today, my team-mate and friend, Wilton Suarez, was insulted by his racist color.

There is no longer a place for this kind of thing.

I'm here to protest mainly to get everyone's attention this situation.

Every day we have to fight against it.

We will continue to fight, but we really hope that this will end soon. ”

Sharjah player Igor Kornado confirmed, in media statements after the match, that the match witnessed many quarrels, and this is part of the ball.

In turn, the coach of Sharjah, Abdulaziz Al-Anbari, said in media statements after the match: "It is unfortunate that what happened between two great stars, Wilton and Tigali, and the incident cannot be judged by hearing from one side only."

Al-Anbari added: “Surayz told me that the player (Tigali) told him words that insulted him, but I do not know exactly what it is, and we have heard from one side, and I cannot wrong the other side because I did not hear from him.”

And the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sharjah Club, Ali Salem Al-Midfa, praised in a tweet to him on «Twitter»: "Our greetings to the good and professional player Wilton after the end of the match."

With this victory, which is his sixth in a row, Sharjah raised its tally to 18 points, thus enhancing its lead in the league without any loss so far, while Al-Nasr received its first loss in the league to freeze its balance at 13 points.

The referee canceled a goal for Sharjah scored by Wilton Suarez (69).

I propose to you the meeting, Hamad Ali Youssef, to change his decision to display the red card for Sharjah player Caio Lucas to yellow "38", after reviewing the case by the referee on the video "mouse".

Igor, dubbed "The King's Icon", succeeded by scoring the two winning goals for his team from penalties of "20" and "79", while the only goal of victory was scored by Diaa Sabaa "58".

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