Lotte Roki Sasaki Pitcher November 21 23:52 without pitching this season

Rookie Roki Sasaki, who is the first in the draft of professional baseball Lotte, has decided not to pitch in the young education league, and this season will end without experiencing the actual mound.

Pitcher Sasaki joined Lotte in 1st place in the draft after competing with four teams, and has been attracting attention as to whether the fastest straight of 163 km will work in the professional world.

Lotte coach Tadahito Iguchi responded to media reports during the autumn practice that began on the 21st at ZOZO Marine Stadium in Chiba City, saying, "There is nothing about pitching Sasaki." It was.

In addition, pitcher Sasaki is currently coordinating at the two military facilities in Saitama City, so Director Iguchi said about the future, "I think that we are making a program for conditioning and next season, including trainers." Did.

Pitcher Sasaki continued to make adjustments with one army from the spring camp, and in May he pitched for combat-style seat batting, marking a ball speed of 160 kilometers.

After that, I slowed down the pace of adjustment due to anxiety about my physical condition, but even after the start of the season in June, I continued to practice while accompanying the 1st army.

Director Iguchi announced on the 13th of last month that he would pitch pitcher Sasaki with one army during this season, but the condition did not improve and he was put off, and the young educational league "Phoenix League" currently being held in Miyazaki Prefecture. So there was a possibility of going up to the mound.