Halle received their third defeat of the season on the last day of the match against FSV Zwickau.

A lack of aggressiveness does not seem to be the problem of KFC Uerdingen 05, as the card balance (11-1-1) of the previous games shows.

Above all, one must attest to the HFC's lack of penetration in attack: no team in the 3rd division scored fewer hits than Florian Schnorrenberg's team.


Evidence for the mixed home performance of Uerdingen are four points from three games.

In the table, the teams are in the same region after the previous season of the two teams was comparable.

So far, the KFC has had one win, two draws and two defeats.

Only once did Stefan Krämer's team leave the field as winners in the last five games.

Hallescher FC plays with the hosts against a team on an equal footing - at least a look at the current standings of the two teams suggests this.

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