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It was cold that Valentine's night.

Maybe as much as this one.

That night, the

Vicente Calderón

bleachers were on fire.

In this one, the Metropolitan, gazed like ice, waited naked and in silence.

Because from that last time, with revenge in Europe, yes, and some cuddle like that of Diego Godín's famous header, at the Camp Nou, which had nothing to envy a victory, yes, a decade ago.

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Gardel's famous tango says that 20 years is nothing, but 10 years have been.

With the withered forehead

Diego Simeone


, finally, his first league notch against Leo Messi, the only survivor of that last rojiblanca affront against the then team of Pep Guardiola.

There is no better way to continue growing than to break down curses and complexes.

And Atlético ended up with a very fat one, which lasted too long.

A blow from Carrasco was enough, which will be remembered for a long time.

Perhaps it is the best launch pad for a team, that of Cholo, which is not afraid to meet anyone's gaze.

Because when the sand of the clock that invited the rest was about to run out, between the knocking, sometimes monotonous, of the ball by Barça.

In these, Hermoso took a turn of the hat, Piqué did not manage to clear, Correa pulled the periscope and Carrasco, galloping and in the open field, found

Ter Stegen outside his area

, gave him a tunnel to dribble, and began to draw something different than usual.

To that classic Barça line that had always been a winner in LaLiga.

In that Belgian career, in that dribble, in that distant shot, a good handful were settled that Atlético de Simeone had pending for too long.

Llorente's notice

Although the one who was more awake than the rest was



The Frenchman, in the middle of that naked stage where one day he was the king, met Oblak's gaze at the dawn of a cold night.

He got up early to accelerate the pulse of his former teammates, but his shot, with Giménez just one foot away, slipped over the crossbar.

The idea had come from his compatriot Dembélé, who invented a good part of the best arguments of his team on the right wing.

He even forced Carrasco to become a kind of side to block the daring of the always intriguing French winger.

A few things happened before that flash that came to rest.

For example, that Saúl, on his 26th birthday, dusted off that left-hander of the great occasions to make Ter Stegen fly to the squad.

Or that

Marcos Llorente

, with his herculean figure, left Barcelona's crossbar shivering, after a gift of those that Correa is used to.

Barcelona rocked the ball patiently and, at times, as a simple routine started in the midfield by Pjanic and De Jong.

Because Atlético never seemed to be in a rush to get there.

Simply, without giving up anything, he bided his time, with Koke unleashed and Joao Felix precisely directing operations.

Messi, with a weary rhythm

, far removed from those days when he frightened one of his favorite rivals, suddenly appeared in the Oblak area.

Alba detected it and he, almost by inertia, drew his left foot to warm up the Slovenian goal.

And while, Ter Stegen, did not stop shouting in perfect Spanish, to keep his teammates in order.

However, no one could warn him of Carrasco's intentions, in that lethal backlash that began to change everything.

And that Barça, dressed in the colors of the senyera, did not renounce to keep intact that classic story since the arrival of Simeone.

Lenglet's head may have been a solution, but Oblak stifled the threat as usual.


the left-handed of the restless Dembélé

, who already knew what it was to score in the Metropolitano.

In all those flashes, at his own pace, without haste, Messi was walking, because a drop of the Argentine is still a torrent.

In his journey to nowhere, Barça lost Piqué, who knows until when.

Correa fell to his right knee

and Koeman's rear suffered.

Atlético visualized the cracks and looked around the rival area in search of that desired end point.

With a glance, Simeone claimed Diego Costa and both of them already knew what that meant: they had to finish the job as soon as possible.

Along the way, the red-and-white heart trembled on occasion.

Because each Messi blink or each onslaught, no matter how small, could have thrown down that beautiful and longed-for canvas that Atlético de Simeone already has in its gallery.

Barça was nothing to write home about, but it is Barça, of course.

The Cholo boys ended up grinding their teeth.

At the end of the day, in football, as the famous tango says, it is about coming back.

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