On November 20, the Russian stage of the Grand Prix in figure skating starts in Moscow.

Due to the pandemic, it will be held in the format of open national starts, so the strongest athletes of the country will come together in Moscow for the first time this season.

The women's tournament traditionally attracts the greatest interest.

Many experts are already looking forward to an uncompromising fight for medals, but refuse to make predictions.

“I'm not a fortune teller, I don't like to guess.

This is not for me.

I'm just waiting for competitions, girls' skates.

I expect them to be good and interesting.

Quadruple rittberger from Alexandra Trusova?

If you want, wait.

I'm just waiting for the competition, ”Honored Coach Tatiana Tarasova admitted.

But the silver medalist of the 2012 European Championship Alena Leonova prefers Anna Shcherbakova, despite the fact that in Kazan at the fourth stage of the Russian Cup, everyone was impressed by the programs of Alexandra Trusova.

“Anya shows the most complete skates.

A minimum of mistakes, complex elements with it.

And this season she's already skating at an impressive level.

And for this he receives deservedly very high components.

Trusova still loses a lot to her in everything that does not apply to quads, "Sport-Express quotes Leonova.

In addition, the former skater admitted that she expects a large number of quads.

In her opinion, the Grand Prix stage is the most suitable tournament to take risks and try difficult jumps.

“I want Lizka Tuktamysheva to have a quadruple if she will insert it into the program.

Most likely it will, it is unlikely that it just restored it.

To be honest, most of all I hope for her good performance and successful quadruple.

The girls have already stood out a little during the season, have shown themselves.

But her skates have been crumpled so far, ”added Leonova.

Ice dancing coach Alexander Zhulin, on the other hand, is confident that Trusova will certainly compete with Shcherbakova in the fight for gold.

According to him, everything will depend on the readiness of each of the skaters.

“The first two places will be taken by Sasha and Anya in any order, the third - by Alena Kostornaya, and then it is already unknown.

There are no leaders from other countries at the tournament, but of course there will be international interest.

This is the best event in the world now, ”Zhulin is sure.

At the same time, the 1999 world champion Maria Butyrskaya suggested that, first of all, athletes with experience of performing at the continental championship would fight for getting to the podium.

“The tournament is interesting, I will follow it.

There are no favorites, each of our girls can shoot.

Of course, the main characters are those skaters who entered the European Championships.

They are more experienced.

Probably, the struggle will unfold between them ", - said Butyrskaya.

In turn, the Olympic champion in the team competition Yekaterina Bobrova compared the Russian stage of the Grand Prix with the national championship.

According to her, its outcome will depend both on the net rentals and judging, and on the nature of the participants.

“At the first start Shcherbakova showed herself confidently, but at the last one Trusova was very good.

Considering that they performed at different starts, and now they will be at one for the first time, and at a level higher than the Russian Cup, this may affect their emotional background.

Someone's nerves may get shaken, and this will affect the performance.

At this stage and in the current format of the competition, it will be most interesting to observe the character of the girls ”, - quotes Bobrova Sportbox.

A few days before the start of the stage, it became known that two-time world champion Evgenia Medvedeva would miss it.

She continues to recover from a back injury, and it is not yet known if she should be expected to return this season.

However, the champion of Calgary-1988 Natalya Bestemyanova is sure that the absence of Eteri Tutberidze's ward will not make the competition less interesting.

“We haven’t yet seen what form it is in to judge this way.

Zhenya had an injury, she went out only once for control skates.

Then it was obvious that a back injury prevented her from performing.

Therefore, it is difficult to say anything concrete, nothing is known, "Bestemyanova emphasized.

And Zhulin replied with the assumption that Alina Zagitova, who also did not speak since December last year, could replace Medvedev.

“Was Zagitova worth showing up for this tournament instead of Medvedeva?

Then I can also show up! ”- the specialist joked.

Vice-President of the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKKR) Alexander Kogan also shared his expectations.

“We had a meeting on the territory of“ Megasport ”, all critical points were identified, which will need to be paid attention to.

We hope that the tournament will be held, as always, at a high level, on the other hand, we are in a tough situation with regard to the admission of both spectators and media representatives, "TASS quotes Kogan.

The Russian stage of the Grand Prix will also be important in the selection to the national team for international starts.

The federation noted that when approving the composition, the result of the national championship, scheduled for the end of December, will be taken into account first.

However, the outcome of the current competition will also play a role.

Despite this, there are those who are skeptical about the holding of the tournament this season, given the fact that some of the stages have been canceled, and the fate of the final is still vague.

“You all lightly salt the cucumbers, which are already salty.

It's not interesting to anyone at all, ”said Roman Kostomarov, winner of the Games in Turin.