The Nations League group stage is over.

This is the result per division, with the promoted and demoted countries, and the countries that remain active at the same level.

The next edition of the Nations League will be in 2022.

Division A.

To Final Round:

Italy, Belgium, France, Spain


Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, England, Portugal, Croatia, Germany, Ukraine

Relegation to Division B:

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland

The Nations League Final Round will be held from October 6-10 and the host nation has yet to be announced.

In 2019, Portugal won the first edition by winning 1-0 in the final battle against the Orange.

Division B

Promotion to Division A:

Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Wales


Norway, Romania, Scotland, Israel, Russia, Serbia, Finland, Ireland

Relegation to Division C:

Northern Ireland, Slovakia, Turkey, Bulgaria

Division C

Promotion to Division B:

Montenegro, Armenia, Slovenia, Albania


Luxembourg, Azerbaijan, North Macedonia, Georgia, Greece, Kosovo, Belarus, Lithuania

Relegation to Division D:

Cyprus, Estonia, Moldova, Kazakhstan

Division D.

Promotion to Division C:

Faroe Islands and Gibraltar

No promotion:

Malta, Latvia, Andorra, Liechtenstein, San Marino

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