The third season of the table tennis T-League begins November 17, 22:08

The third season of the domestic table tennis league, T-League, will start on the 17th, and Kinoshita Meister Tokyo, who is aiming for the third straight victory for men, will play an active role such as Jun Mizutani, who has been appointed as the representative of the Tokyo Olympics. Was decorated with victory.

It has been decided that the T-League will play games within the year without spectators as a countermeasure against the infection of the new coronavirus.

The third season started on the 17th, and the men's opening match was played by Kinoshita Meister Tokyo and Ryukyu Asteeda, who are aiming for the third straight victory.

Kinoshita Meister Tokyo missed ace Tomokazu Harimoto to compete in an international tournament in China, but won the doubles in the first match with a straight game count of 2-0.

Captain Mizutani, who has been appointed as the representative of the Tokyo Olympics, participated in the singles of the second game that followed, along with Harimoto, and played against Ryukyu's Tomoki Hirano.

Mizutani scored 4 consecutive points with a sharply curved serve from the lead scene of 7-8 in the first game, and took the lead 11-8.

Even after the second game, I decided a strong forehand everywhere and did not drop even one game, and I won a straight victory of 3-0.

Tokyo won straight in the following 3rd and 4th games, showing the strength of not losing even one game as a whole team, and won the opening game with a victory of 4-0.

In the women's opening round, the final 5th match was entangled, with Kinoshita Abyell Kanagawa 16 years old, Miyuu Kihara aiming for the third straight victory, Nissay Red Elf 20 years old, Hina Hayata defeated, and Kanagawa 3 pairs. I won by 2.

Jun Mizutani "I was really looking forward to it"

Jun Mizutani said, "I was excited and nervous about the match after a long time. I was really looking forward to it today and I'm glad I got off to a great start of victory. I found it difficult to play myself, but throughout the match. I was able to regain my senses. I am very happy to win against the friends I have been practicing with for the past six months. I think that if I concentrate on the T-League, it will lead to the Tokyo Olympics. "

Maharu Yoshimura "I was caught by the opponent"

Rio de Janeiro Olympic representative Maharu Yoshimura, who participated in the singles of the 4th game at Ryukyu Asteeda, said, "In a unique tension, it is a game with no spectators, so when it becomes a difficult development, we alone I couldn't get the flow back and I was caught up in the other party. No one is satisfied with today's result. After tomorrow, I will switch my mind and do my best. "

On the other hand, regarding the opening of the T-League, "I am very happy that the season started safely. Since many veterans and young players from overseas have joined the team, I want to achieve better results than last year when I was in second place. I was talking.