It was an eleventh place and a total of three booms for Stina Nilsson in yesterday's biathlon debut in Idre.

Today the conditions were tougher with fog and strong wind - and it showed on the dike.

- It was deceptive conditions today.

And it's something I have to practice a lot on so it's great that I get to do it.

But right now I am not satisfied, there is a whole bank with things to work on, says Stina Nilsson to SVT Sport.

Nilsson started by blocking five shots on the first two shots and on the third it was a full four.

- I had three nice shots on the first shot but two that went far down to the left and then I screwed up a bit.

But I think I got into trouble, I probably would not have been there and fiddled, says Nilsson.

Satisfied with the last shot

Despite the misses on the third shot, she gathered before the last where she put four of five shots.

- Last stand I am happy with.

It was fun to get it.

In addition, the ride felt good so I am also happy with it.

There were a total of 10 booms on 20 shots for Nilsson who finished 26th, 6.49 after Hanna Öberg who won.

- I am not as stable a biathlete as the rest, I have come to terms with it.

But it is clear that I am not happy with what I am achieving on the dike.

Even though I had two really bad series today, I am excited to continue competing.

For Nilsson, a new competition awaits already next weekend in Östersund.

CLIP: Hear Stina about her distance race

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Stina Nilsson: "I am not as stable a biathlete as the rest of the girls" Photo: Bildbyrån