Judo Men's 66kg Class Tokyo Olympics National Team Players' Final Match Next month 13th November 16th 13:50

Judo player Joshiro Maruyama and two world champions Hifumi Abe are fiercely competing for the men's 66 kg class Tokyo Olympics representative unofficial decision match, which will be held at the Kodokan in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo on the 13th of next month. It was decided to be.

Of the 14 classes held at the Tokyo Olympics, the Judo Men's 66 kg class is the only player who has not been decided as a representative, Maruyama who won the gold medal at the world championship last year, and Abe who won the world championship for the second time in a row. Players have been fiercely competing for the national team.

The All Japan Judo Federation has announced that it will hold an informal player deciding match in which the two will face each other directly to decide the game from the afternoon of the 13th of next month at the Kodokan in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.

The decisive battle is to be held without spectators to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Up until now, the Olympic athletes have been selected by the All Japan Judo Federation's Strengthening Committee based on the results of multiple international and domestic competitions.

This time, the strengthening committee has decided to represent the player who won this match.

It is extremely unusual to decide on a candidate for the Olympic team in a two-player deciding match.