"He answered something like:" You won't need money in the next world. "

Law enforcement agencies have opened two criminal cases against the "32-year-old man", according to the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow.

We are talking about a participant in a fight in the Luzhniki Sports Palace, during which MMA fighter Sergei Kharitonov and his friend Ruslan Abdo were injured.

“There was a fight between three citizens, as a result of which two participants were taken to a medical facility for assistance.

The third participant was taken to the department by police officers.

According to the results of the audit ... two criminal cases were initiated on the grounds of corpus delicti under article 115 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Intentional infliction of minor harm to health," the department said in a statement.

According to media reports, the attacker was ex-UFC fighter Adam Yandiev.

Kharitonov himself spoke about this, who, despite the injuries received, commented on the incident.

On his Instagram account, he posted a video of the brawl and appealed to professional athletes with a request "not to use force outside gyms."

“We train to show the public our strength in the cage, ring or on the tatami.

And the worst thing is when people are specially trained in the halls to commit crimes.

Coaches need to spot them and kick them out.

I am a trained athlete, but I still got into this situation.

Performances are closed for me for at least three months.

Fractures, abrasions, bruises, etc. Learn from the mistakes of others, ”wrote Kharitonov.

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Publication from Sergey Kharitonov (@kharitonovmma)

A little later, the athlete said that the cause of the conflict was a financial issue.

He allegedly lent large sums to Adam Yandiev several times, but he was in no hurry to return the money.

In addition, according to the Bellator fighter, he bought an expensive bag for Adam's wife, and also paid for the Yandiyevs' hotel accommodation in Thailand.

"He asked me:" Do I owe you money? "

I just said calmly that yes, I should.

He replied something like: "You will not need this money in the next world."

Something like that.

I don't remember, to be honest, some kind of insult, I won't lie.

I stand, somehow I do not expect, and then he hits me on the right, on the left.

And in his left hand ... He hit me hard, and I felt that he was hitting with something.

There he always carried brass knuckles with him.

He cut me at once in two places, and just when he beat me with his left hand, he broke my orbital bone, "the athlete said in an interview with journalist Alexander Lyutikov. 

Meanwhile, the fighter's lawyer, Alexander Kravtsov, said that the police accepted the athlete's statement and also questioned him.

At the same time, the lawyer stressed that the client does not intend to go to reconciliation.

The lawyer described Kharitonov's state of health as difficult.

“He is now not feeling well, the doctors have gathered a consultation and are deciding whether to have an operation.

Sergei is conscious.

What is the threat to Yandiev?

Everything will depend on the severity of the harm caused to Kharitonov's health ", - quotes Kravtsov" Championship ".

According to the lawyer, the second person involved in the fight, Kharitonov's friend Ruslan Abdo, who was initially also represented as an MMA fighter, filed a complaint with the police.

He himself explained that he was engaged in mixed martial arts only at the amateur level.

The man said that he was seriously injured as a result of a fight with Yandiev.

“The nose is broken, the jaw is bruised, the brain is concussed.

Passed the examination, the condition is not very good, the head hurts, nausea.

I was discharged from the hospital, but I may still apply.

Everything must be done according to the law.

We are counting on the fact that he must answer for his actions and actions, "- quotes the words of Abdo TASS.

Yandiev also commented on the incident for the first time on the night of November 14-15.

In his Instagram, he promised to tell in detail about the reasons for what happened in the near future and at the same time accused Kharitonov of lying.

“I beg your pardon, I just got to the phone in connection with the latest events.

Have a little patience.

You will know everything tomorrow.

There will be a full interview, where from beginning to end about our relationship with this character.

About the conflict that happened between us.

Everything with facts, with evidence.

You will know everything tomorrow.

Please do not write nonsense and heresy from the words of this liar.

A little patience.

See you tomorrow, ”Yandiev said.

"I went to the hall and was stunned: Kharitonov with a broken face, Adam ... everyone is floundering in blood"

The actor Vladislav Dyomin also spoke about what happened, who claims to have witnessed the conflict and separated the fighting.

According to him, Kharitonov arrived at Luzhniki an hour later than Yandiev, after which they went to talk in the lobby.

At the same time, the man called Adam his old friend and "the kindest man."

“As I understand it, this is some kind of long-standing conflict, which, apparently, they were forced to solve, like gladiators, hand-to-hand.

It couldn't happen there.

This is most likely an old wound.

I always knew that Adam and Sergey are good friends.

Sergey helped Adam, Adam helped Sergey.

It seems that we even had sparring partners, and, as far as I know, during training, nothing of the kind happened to them, ”Sport24 quotes Demina.

The actor also said that when he went out into the hall and “heard the fuss,” the guards did not allow anyone to approach the fighters.

At the same time, he was outraged that no one tried to separate the men.

“I went into the hall and was stunned: Kharitonov with a broken face, Adam ... everyone is floundering in blood.

At first I thought that there was someone else and they were fighting with him.

Then I realized that the conflict was only between them, and began to separate, ”added Demin. 

Another well-known Russian MMA fighter Alexander Shlemenko commented on the situation.

According to him, there is no need to talk about the end of the conflict, it will be resolved either within the framework of the law, "or in some other way."

“I don't know what kind of problems they have, who is right and who is wrong.

And I don't want to find out.

But I am in favor of not going out to the masses.

Because this is not a civilized solution to the situation, right?

If we continue to live according to the principle “who is stronger is right,” we will not have anything good, ”RIA Novosti quotes the athlete. 

"According to eyewitnesses, Yandiev attacked him from behind."

The conflict, in which Sergei Kharitonov and Ruslan Abdo suffered, took place on Friday evening at the Luzhniki Sports Palace.

During the scuffle, Kharitonov was hit several times in the head.

Sergei tried to stop the attacker in the fight, but he himself was on the floor.

And some time before that, the attacker hit Abdo.

According to the latter, he could have brass knuckles in his hands. 

“Adam's head is in a mess.

First he attacked me, then Sergey ... There the conversation was absolutely non-conflict, we just talked with him and that's it.

When he found out that I was a friend of Kharitonov, for some reason he began to sort things out.

Then he hit me in the nose, broke it.

When I was taken away, Sergey arrived.

According to eyewitnesses, Yandiev attacked him from behind, hit him in the eye with a knuckle duster.

Now we are all in the hospital, "the website of the REN TV channel quotes Abdo as saying. 

According to media reports, Kharitonov received several serious injuries at once, in particular, damage to his right eye. 

“We are now expecting police officers.

A statement and explanation were written.

We just finished with the doctors.

The conclusion will appear later.

Once hospitalized, it means that the state of health is unsatisfactory, ”said lawyer Alexander Kravtsov. 

And on Saturday morning, the head office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that a check had begun on the fact of the incident.

The assailant was arrested, but, according to press reports, he refused to testify and only received a document obliging him to appear at the police station. 

Kharitonov, 40, is one of the most famous Russian fighters.

During his long career, he had 38 fights in mixed martial arts, in 29 of which he won (19 by knockout).

Sergey is currently playing in the second most important promotion in the Bellator world.

In turn, Yandiev even held one confrontation within the UFC: in 2018, the native of Ingushetia in Moscow lost to the American Jordan Johnson.

It also became the last for the athlete - since then he has not entered the cage.