The attack by former UFC wrestler Adam Yandiev on Sergey Kharitonov continues to be the main topic of Russian MMA.

Two days after the fight, it became known that the instigator of the conflict had been arrested, but soon he was released on recognizance not to leave.

The victim intends to leave Russia to continue treatment abroad.

Yandiev only had time to briefly comment on the incident, and former State Duma deputy Dmitry Nosov, whom Kharitonov accused of lying, sided with him.

Information about Yandiev's detention appeared a day after it became known about the fight with Kharitonov in the Luzhniki Stadium.

A TASS source said that the wrestler was detained for 48 hours and sent to a temporary detention center pending the election of a further preventive measure.

Two criminal cases were initiated against him under Art.

115 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("Deliberate infliction of minor harm to health").

The capital's police confirmed that Yandiyev had been detained.

This was told in the press service of the main department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow.

Now he is in a temporary detention center.

According to Eva Merkacheva, a member of the Public Monitoring Commission, he is being treated well.

“I visited Yandiev.

As far as I understood from the conversation with him, he was charged with injuring Kharitonov and the second defendant in the case.

Tomorrow the police will come out with a motion to arrest him, ”she said.

Another athlete, Ruslan Abdo, who suffered from his hands, told that Yandiev was armed with brass knuckles.

However, the attacker himself denies this.

So far, the UFC wrestler has not given detailed comments about the fight, but he managed to refute the use of weapons during the fight.

“A little later a video will be released, where I will tell the whole truth, how it was.

It has already been recorded, it will be released.

Did I have brass knuckles?

Think for yourself.

Look at these hands.

Everything is visible there.

When they say that there was brass knuckles, you need to consider everything in detail.

You can see if he was, ”Yandiev told Ren TV.

Kharitonov continues to stay in one of the Moscow hospitals.

He is expected to stay under the supervision of the capital's doctors at least until November 20, after which he will be able to continue treatment elsewhere.

A 40-year-old athlete was diagnosed with a concussion and a displaced nose fracture.

Kharitonov needs an operation, but he decided not to go under the knife right away, but to turn to foreign surgeons a little later.

“Sergei will not be operated on Monday.

He will fly abroad to have the operation done there.

Where exactly - it will be determined later, after discharge, "- said a TASS source from the circle of the fighter.

Kharitonov himself tries not to lose heart in connection with the attack.

On Monday, the Bellator wrestler showed his face to the fans and assured that in six months he would try to return to the ring.

“For athletes, this is a common condition after a fight: fractures, concussions, abrasions, etc.

I never lose heart and only go forward.

I am sure that my main victories are still ahead.

I left for an unknown time, but I am sure that everything will heal, and at least six months later I will be able to return!

Athletes, train and participate only in tournaments!

All health, only forward! ", - wrote Kharitonov on Instagram.

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Many mixed martial arts fighters sided with Kharitonov in the conflict that arose, but Yandiev was not left without support.

The bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in judo, a former deputy of the State Duma Dmitry Nosov, stood up for him.

According to him, Yandiev rendered several friendly services to Kharitonov, and after they began to accuse him of non-repayment of the debt, he wanted to receive an apology.

“Yandiev gave Kharitonov cars to ride, paid fines for him, bought him some tickets in business class.

Kharitonov invited him to Thailand, together they prepared, there were some sponsors, then the sponsors disappeared somewhere.

They remained friends.

Yandiev said this is his version: "You helped me a lot, I appreciate it, I will help you much more in my life."

According to Kharitonov, the fact that he helped a friend, he lent it.

Yandiyev, when he found out about this, was stunned, and Kharitonov began to spread this everywhere that Yandiyev was a scoundrel, did not repay his debt.

Yandiev was looking for a meeting with him and asked just to apologize, "- quotes the words of Nosov" Sport-Express ".

According to the former judoka, during a meeting at the Luzhniki sports palace, Yandiev only wanted Kharitonov to apologize, since he himself did not admit that he owed the 40-year-old wrestler.

Nosov claims that in response to a request, Kharitonov grossly insulted Yandiev.

This was the reason for the attack.

The victim did not agree with this version of events.

He accused Nosov of lying and said that he did not offend Yandiyev, but only reminded him of the debt accumulated recently.

“Nosov's words are all lies!

There was only a phrase from Yandiev: "Do I owe you money?"

In response, he said to him: "Yes, you owe me money."

And he told me: "You won't need them in the next world," - after that he hit me.

That's all, I never sent anyone.

I'm not the kind of person who would just send someone.

So, about the words about the apology is also a lie.

If he asked me to apologize, I would ask: "For what?"

He must apologize, for that matter.

Nosov says so because they have been together since childhood and trained in the same gym.

They are friends, Nosov wants to protect him, ”Kharitonov told Sport24.

The conflict between Kharitonov and Yandiev could become fertile ground for their joint duel already according to the rules of MMA, when one of them recovers and the criminal prosecution against the other ends.

However, the promoter Kamil Hajiyev does not believe that such a fight will take place, since their relationship is already too spoiled due to recent events.

“To be honest, I don’t believe in the prospect of this fight at all.

I really can't imagine such a fight for a bunch of reasons.

It must have gone too far.

There is already some kind of conversation between them at the level of law enforcement officers.

It seems to me that these two have already crossed the line when it is possible to discuss a possible duel, when there is trash talking or conflict, "said the president of Fight Nights Global to Sport-Express.