Energy Standard became the first historical champion in the money-laundering competition International Swimming League, ISL.

The team, led by Swedish star Sarah Sjöström, won the final in Las Vegas last year, is now close to a new final.

After the first day's semi-final swimming, the team leads the first semi-final, and is thus on its way to next weekend's final in the "bubble" in Budapest.

Close record of 100 butterfly

For Sarah Sjöström, there were three new victories.

She started by winning 100 butterfly at 55.44, just nine hundredths of her ISL record.

She followed it up by securing Energy Standards' victory in the 4x100 meter freestyle.

The team's winning time was a fine 3.25.82, a new ISL record with 66 hundredths.

The time was also almost a second faster than the current world record (3.26.53, Netherlands 2014), but the International Swimming Federation (Fina) does not recognize records with participants from different countries.

Finished with team cap win

A moment later, Sjöström won the women's 50 meter freestyle in the time of 23.43, only two hundredths above her annual best.

The day then ended with her Energy Standard winning the ladies' 4x100 meter medley, where Sjöström finished by swimming the final freestyle distance in 41 seconds.

World record of 50 backs

Ahead of tomorrow's second half of the semi - final, the team leads by 29 seconds ahead of London Roar.

The highlight of the day was the ladies' 50 meter backstroke.

London's Dutchwoman Kira Toussaint swam there at 25.60, seven hundredths faster than Brazilian Etiene Medeiro's world record from the 2014 World Cup.