client, Beijing, November 14 (Xing Rui) When Zhu Ting, who wore the Tianjin women's volleyball uniform, reappeared on the field, fans may have a sense of a world away.

Counting it down, 303 days have passed since her last performance on the field.

Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team played against Evergrande Women's Volleyball Team.

  On the evening of the 13th, in the first round of the Women's Volleyball Super League, the Chinese women's volleyball leader Zhu Ting led the Tianjin team to sweep Guangdong Evergrande in three straight games. The start seemed to be effortless.

Zhu Ting, who was injured before, seemed to still be looking for the feeling of the game. She scored 13 points and handed in a "passable" score card in the first match.

  I still remember last year’s league, Zhu Ting, who had just returned from Turkey, helped Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team win the 12th championship trophy.

But since then, Zhu Ting has almost disappeared from public view.

Data map: On November 3, Tianjin women's volleyball player Zhu Ting attended the expedition ceremony.

On the same day, the 2020-2021 Chinese Women's Volleyball Super League Tianjin Bohai Bank Women's Volleyball Team's new season's launch ceremony and press conference were held in Tianjin.

In the new season, Tianjin Bohai Bank women's volleyball team successfully renewed their contract with Olympic champion and Chinese women's volleyball leader Zhu Ting.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tong Yu

  Starting from January 30 this year, Zhu Ting began training for the Olympic year with the Chinese women's volleyball team.

During this period, the team made a short vacation adjustment in June, and then immediately invested in the second phase of the fully enclosed training.

It was not until the end of August this year that the 7-month training camp finally came to an end.

  After careful calculations, Zhu Ting only "rested" for more than two months before catching up with the new season.

But in fact, Zhu Ting was not idle during the rare break.

Data map: Zhu Ting, the leader of the Chinese women's volleyball team, was interviewed.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Hou Yu

  During training, during an ordinary defense, Zhu Ting's wrist was injured.

At first, she felt that this was a common minor injury, but later, the bruises became heavier, and Zhu Ting could only use the rest time for rehabilitation.

It is for this reason that Zhu Ting missed this year's National Women's Volleyball Championship.

  Perhaps the athletes were concerned about their previous injuries, or perhaps because of the coach's consideration of getting the athletes to "get better", Zhu Ting's performance in the first game could not be called outstanding.

The success rate of 27 smashes and 9 smashes seems to be somewhat different from the outside world's expectations of the "world's first heavy artillery".

  Fortunately, at the beginning of the season, Zhu Ting still had enough time to adjust her state.

Even though Zhu Ting's "return" was late and his first game performance was somewhat flat, but looking forward to the league journey is still worth looking forward to; and in this extraordinary year, Zhu Ting has gained a lot of surprises outside the stadium.

Data map: On May 22, the third meeting of the Thirteenth National People's Congress held the first "Representative Channel" interview event.

The picture shows representatives of the National People's Congress Wang Runmei (left) and Zhu Ting being interviewed via online video.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

  The most refreshing thing is that, undoubtedly, Zhu Ting attended the two sessions this year as a representative of the National People's Congress.

She not only brought motions related to sports, but also described the spirit of women's volleyball on the "representative channel", showing the other side of volleyball superstars.

  When Zhu Ting appeared on the representative passage in black, confidently and calmly telling the story of the Chinese women’s volleyball team to everyone, people probably would not have thought that he had just joined the national team 7 years ago and faced the reporters’ long guns and short shots. Zhu Ting of Zhu Ting was dragged to the camera by the guidance of Lang.

The once-green Zhu Ting.

  Recalling that youthful self, Zhu Ting smiled and said: "Time will make people more mature." In Zhu Ting, time seems to have the power to turn corruption into magic.

From a poor rural girl to the world's first main attack in volleyball, time has given Zhu Ting a radical change.

  At the age of 13, Zhu Ting's height was already over 1.7 meters.

But she was born in a rural area and her family was poor, and she ranked third among the five children in the family.

On the advice of the teacher, her father sent her to a sports school to practice volleyball.

  Because of financial difficulties, Zhu Ting’s food at school is steamed buns and pickles from her father.

At that time, Zhu Ting was thin and tall, and she was thin like a bamboo pole.

After running every day, she felt her heart hurt.

Data map: Zhu Ting (left) represents the Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tong Yu

  Practicing competitive sports is inevitable physical bumps.

But every task assigned by the coach, Zhu Ting will complete it seriously.

Zhu Ting kept practicing without the coach calling to stop.

Over time, Zhu Ting fell blue and purple. Over time, these scars turned into black marks that could not disappear, and inadvertently became a footnote to her peak in the future.

  Zhu Ting has always felt that there were two important turning points in her life, one was volleyball and the other was Lang Ping.

In 2013, Lang Ping came out to take charge of the Chinese women's volleyball team twice.

She recruited the extremely talented Zhu Ting under her command.

Under Lang Ping's training, Zhu Ting grew rapidly. From an unknown junior to a superstar who shines in the world of volleyball, it only took Zhu Ting a few years.

  Some people say that Zhu Ting's debut is the pinnacle, and the various achievements in her career are already unattainable by other volleyball players.

But no success is accidental.

Zhu Ting's success stems from her persistence day after day.

Data map: Zhu Ting serves during the game.

Photo by Tian Bochuan, China News Network reporter

  When she first started practicing volleyball, Zhu Ting also cried and complained to her father, hoping that his father would take her home.

Later, when I recalled, Zhu Ting joked: "Fortunately, I had no money in my pocket at the time, so I bought my own ticket and went back when I was rich."

  Father has always played an important role in Zhu Ting's growth.

In order to prevent Zhu Ting from being homesick, his father only visits his daughter at school once a year.

After growing up, Zhu Ting finally understood his father's good intentions.

"If I, like most parents, saw you once a month, then you and most children would be the same." Father said.

  Zhu Ting also feels that if she hadn't had the difficult years at the beginning, she might now be like her sisters and could only go out to work.

A reporter once asked: "Is volleyball your only way out?" Zhu Ting replied: "Persistence is my only way out."

Data map: Zhu Ting, the main Chinese women's volleyball team, looks attentively in the national team game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

  This tough character has continued to the present.

During the two sessions, Zhu Ting could not participate in the training camp, but she would insist on training in the room to ensure her competitive state.

  There is no supervision and no need to check in, Zhu Ting can give herself a vacation.

But she stubbornly said: "Being lazy for a day may not be known to others, but maybe everyone knows when it grows."

Image source: Official Weibo of the Official Journal of the All-China Women's Federation

  After the two sessions, Zhu Ting was successively awarded the 2020 National Advanced Worker and the 2019 National March 8th Red-Banner Pacesetter.

Before this?

The May Fourth Medal, the nomination of members of the All-China Youth Federation Committee, and the members of the International Volleyball Dream Team for the past ten years... are all in the hands of Zhu Ting.

The "Captain of China" in 2020 is worthy of the honorary harvester.

  Of course, there is one more important thing in the second half of the year, and that is that Zhu Ting began to study as a graduate student in the School of History at Beijing Normal University.

  In fact, Zhu Ting was admitted to Beijing Normal University in 2017, but Zhu Tingyuan played in Turkey at the time and never came to the school to report.

This year, she finally ushered in the new semester of university life.

  Zhu Ting said that she is very interested in history and hopes that history "can enrich herself".

Whether inside or outside the arena, Zhu Ting is constantly forcing herself to achieve a better Zhu Ting.

The video of Zhu Ting's emotional breakdown on the set of the movie "Win the Championship" once infected many people on the Internet.

  On the eve of National Day, "Win the Championship" finally debuted.

Zhu Ting's screen image has brought her closer to everyone.

During the period, she and her team have been on many hot searches, but no matter how famous and achievements they are, Zhu Ting is still Zhu Ting.

  She said: I hope I can always be a "running front wave", I hope my trough will come later, and I hope the spirit of the women's volleyball team will be passed on from generation to generation.

  At that time, the needle passed the night when she returned to the stadium. Many people may not understand. In fact, she never left on her own field.