Sumo wrestling November place Highlights of the 6th day November 13th 7:31

Sumo Wrestling November is the 6th and 13th mid-game.

Takakeishō Mitsunobu, who is the only player in the Yokotsuna Ozeki team, who is closed one after another, will play against Kagayaki Hiraku.

In November, Masayo Shin-Ozeki was closed from the 5th day of the 12th due to an injury to his left ankle, and Takakeishō Ozeki is the only player in the Yokotsuna and Ozeki teams.

On the 13th, Takakeishō, who has won 5 consecutive victories from the first day, will face the third frontal piece, Kagayaki.

Both are good at pushing, and in past matches, Takakeishō is competing with 2 wins and 3 losses.

Takakeishō wants to play the role of tightening the ring by thoroughly pushing hard against difficult enemies from a sharp step, and going out in front of him without rest.

Terunofuji Koyui, who has experience in Ozeki, has also won five consecutive victories so far, and will meet Kiribayama, the leader of the front, for the first time.

Terunofuji, who has returned to the three roles for the first time in three years, is now in a place where he can assemble and throw a powerful four-sumo wrestling, and if he assembles a lot, he will have an even greater advantage.

In the flat curtain, Chiyo no Kuni, who has won five consecutive victories in the return opening, will face Enho.

Shimanoumi, who is the 17th in the front of the curtain, has also won 5 consecutive victories, and is the 13th in the front, the best with Ichinojo.