Paralympic Games to examine corona infection countermeasures for athletes with high risk of aggravation November 12, 22:42

At meetings by the government and the Organizing Committee for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, athletes who are at high risk of aggravation of the new coronavirus due to disabilities will participate in the Paralympics, so in the future, Para athletes will consider their own infection countermeasures. I decided to proceed.

Approximately 4,400 athletes from all over the world are scheduled to participate in the Tokyo Paralympics next year, but it has been pointed out that athletes with weak respiratory function or underlying illness may be at increased risk of becoming severe.

In addition, athletes with visual impairments have different challenges than Olympic athletes, such as the difficulty of disinfecting them and the inevitable contact with caregivers.

For this reason, at a meeting of the government, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and the Organizing Committee held on the 11th, it was decided that Para players would consider their own infection control measures in the future.

Specifically, after hearing the opinions of experts on measures according to the characteristics of disabilities, measures based on the premise that athletes and caregivers will come into contact, and the Paralympic Committees of each country will determine the person in charge of infection control. We are planning to consider a mechanism for sharing information with the Organizing Committee.

For the Tokyo Paralympics, the question is how far we can materialize and implement infection control measures that are unique to Paralympics.

Junichi Kawai, chairman of the JPC = Japan Paralympic Committee, said, "In some cases, each Paralympic athlete may not be able to take sufficient measures against infectious diseases, and it is necessary to take measures together with the supporters. In the future, more detailed measures will be taken. I am very grateful to consider countermeasures. "