Data map: On November 3, Tianjin women's volleyball player Zhu Ting attended the expedition ceremony.

On the same day, the 2020-2021 Chinese Women's Volleyball Super League Tianjin Bohai Bank Women's Volleyball Team's new season's launch ceremony and press conference were held in Tianjin.

In the new season, Tianjin Bohai Bank women's volleyball team successfully renewed their contract with Olympic champion and Chinese women's volleyball leader Zhu Ting.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tong Yu

  China News Service Client, Beijing, November 12 (Xing Rui) The National Women's Volleyball Championship has just ended not long ago. Now, domestic volleyball fans have ushered in a long-awaited volleyball feast.

The National Women's Volleyball Super League, which will start on the 12th, will be played in empty courts due to the need for epidemic prevention, but through TV screens, fans can still enjoy wonderful volleyball matches.

  In the new season, a total of 13 teams including Tianjin, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Shandong, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Yunnan, Fujian, Henan and Hebei will participate in the championship.

The competition is divided into three stages. The 13 teams are divided into two groups, A and B according to the ranking of last season.

In the first stage, a single round-robin competition within the group will be conducted. In the second stage, Group A will rotate against Group B to determine the ranking of 13 teams.

In the third stage, the top 8 snakes in the second stage were divided into two groups. The top two in the group entered the top four, and then crossed to the semi-finals until the final.

  Among them, Tianjin, Evergrande, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Hebei, Henan women's volleyball team will be in Group A; Shanghai, Beijing, Liaoning, Shandong, Fujian, and Yunnan will fight in Group B.

Data map; December 28, 2019, the 2019-2020 season women's volleyball Super League semi-finals began the second round of competition, the Tianjin women's volleyball team, which had already won one game, challenged the Beijing women's volleyball team.

After five rounds of fierce battle, the Tianjin team led by Zhu Ting defeated the Beijing women's volleyball team 3:2 (25:23, 25:23, 22:25, 18:25, 15:5) and entered the final with a big score of 2:0. Zhu Ting scored 29 points.

Another place for the finals will be between Guangzhou Evergrande Women's Volleyball Team and Shanghai Women's Volleyball Team.

Photo by Tian Bochuan, China News Network reporter

  As the champion of last season's volleyball Super League, Tianjin women's volleyball team is still attracting attention this season.

Last month, Zhu Ting, the head of the Chinese women's volleyball team, renewed the Tianjin women's volleyball team, making Tianjin once again the favorite to win this season.

  In addition to Zhu Ting, the Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team also includes Li Yingying, Yao Di, Wang Yuanyuan and many other national players.

At the team’s expedition ceremony, coach Wang Baoquan has set his goal for the championship: “The new season is about to start, and the team has entered the final sprint stage of preparations for the league. All coaches and athletes of Tianjin Bohai Bank’s women’s volleyball team will show in the new season A better mental outlook, more vigorous fighting spirit, and more exquisite football skills have launched an impact on the 13th league championship."

  It is worth mentioning that this season, foreign aid Hooker did not renew his contract with the Tianjin team.

Although Tianjin women's volleyball team is a veteran team in the domestic volleyball arena, it will inevitably encounter even greater challenges in the form of an all-China class.

Data map; 2018 Women's Volleyball Super League.

Shanghai Guangming Youbei women's volleyball team defeated the Jiangsu women's volleyball team 3:0 (25:18, 25:22, 21:25) in the away game, only one step away from the final.

Provided by Shanghai Guangming Ube Women's Volleyball Team

  Unlike the Tianjin women's volleyball team, the Shanghai women's volleyball team, another favorite to win this season, has renewed contracts with two foreign players.

The US women's volleyball team leader Larsson and Germany strongly accepted Lipman's stay, making the Shanghai women's volleyball team one of the favorites to win this season.

  Last season, the Tianjin team and the Shanghai team met in the final. The former finally won with a total score of 3:0.

This season, there is a high probability that the two sides will meet again. In the new round of Tianjin-Shanghai battle, will the "All-China Class" Tianjin win, or the Shanghai women's volleyball team better?

Everything is worth looking forward to.

  The Guangdong women's volleyball team also successfully renewed the contract with Bulgarian foreign aid Rabad Teyeva this season, and introduced the American main attacker Robinson.

However, the two national players Zheng Yixin and Lin Li who played for the team last season did not stay on the team.

Although the addition of foreign aid can also make up for the lack of Guangdong women's volleyball team in the two positions of main attacker and freeman, the loss of two powerful internal aids also weakened the strength of Guangdong women's volleyball team to a certain extent.

In an earlier interview with the media, coach Fang Yan said that the goal of the new season is to hit the top four.

Data map: On the evening of October 22, 2019, the 7th World Military Games Women's Volleyball Final was held in Wuhan, Hubei. The Chinese Bayi Women's Volleyball Team lost 1:3 to the Brazilian Women's Volleyball Team and finished runner-up. The North Korean team finished third.

The picture shows the Brazilian player Irene Braga (No. 2) smashing the ball in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter He Penglei

  In addition, the Shandong women's volleyball team and the traditional strong team Jiangsu women's volleyball team, which just won the runner-up at the National Championships, are also strong contenders for the top four seats.

The former has outstanding young players, and most of the players are in the golden age of their careers; the latter has a gathering of national players in the team, and its strength should not be underestimated.

  Affected by the epidemic, the new season's Super League has been compressed in less than two months.

The intensive schedule also puts forward higher requirements on the physical fitness and lineup thickness of the participating teams.

At the end of 2020, I believe this special league will bring different surprises to fans.