Sumo Wrestling November Place 5th day 4 consecutive wins Takakeishō Ozeki will play against Daieisho November 12 4:45

Sumo Wrestling November is the 5th day, and Takakeishō Ozeki, who has won 4 consecutive victories from the first day, will play against Daieishō, who has experience in Sekiwake.

In November, Takakeishō continues to play the role of Ozeki with four consecutive victories, while two yokozuna and one Ozeki are closed due to injury.

On the 11th, I did not give a chance to attack Abu Saki, a strong man of the same grade, with a severe attack, and showed the good condition.

The opponent on the 12th is Daieishō, the second player in the front, who was the strong man who served as Sekiwake, and his past match record was 6 wins and 3 losses in Takakeishō.

I would like to show Ozeki's power in a head-to-head game only to opponents who have a good start and a strong push.

Daieishō wants to find a win by attacking from below so as not to lose to the lowness of Ozeki.

On the other hand, on the 11th, Masayo Shin-Ozeki, who experienced the first black star, is set up to play against Abu Saki.

On the 9th and 3rd day, Masayo hurt his left ankle and lost on the 11th.

I would like to avoid losing streak, but it seems that the key is to be able to take the sumo wrestling in front of Abu Saki who has a good start.

I'm looking forward to the match between Terunofuji Koyuki and Hokutofuji Daiki, who have won four consecutive victories so far.

Terunofuji, a four-sumo wrestler, and Hokutofuji, a push-sumo wrestler, both have the power to participate in the battle for victory, and the content so far is very substantial.