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It seems like a joke, but no.

Examined with a magnifying glass the two initial eleven of yesterday, an average fan, perhaps somewhat confused, could almost have heard more names from the


(hereinafter Holland) than from



De Jong, Van de Beek, Wijnaldum, Depay and De Jong

again (Luuk, the one from Sevilla) are just as well known as

Gayá, Asensio, Koke, Canales or Morata


The rest of the two alignments, for that average fan and also somewhat confused, do not offer too many differences.

Perhaps with a point of exaggeration, that is the panorama that

Luis Enrique


today in the Spanish team, where


, who had not appeared here for two years, was the captain thanks to his 44 international matches (45 already).

And that changing team, the tests also fueled by the friendly nature of the party and because there are three games in seven days, always offers a good image.

Dynamic, with fast transitions, with pressure up, with exchange of positions and with the defense very advanced to make the team very short.

All these characteristics are repeated since the Asturian is a coach regardless of who plays.

A Spain that looks like Spain B, even looks like Spain C, moves and does the same things as Spain A. Given that the first line of national footballers does not guarantee anything by itself, it is not wrong to insist on this path.

Against the Netherlands, with more past than present, with good players who announced more than what they offer (De Jong, Van de Beek), the team again showed their faces and showed that they

are hungry


To endorse that theory of his coach according to which the team that is best at all times comes to the team, no matter how many exceptions.

Two examples worked out the goal play last night in the cold

Johan Cruyff Arena




, for starters, you face not put back for many months, but it is pulling out the window at


, so it was headline.

Going down to receive he disarmed the lousy Dutch defense, which suffers without

Van Dijk


He won the duels, held the ball and to complete it gave the goal assist to


, the other example of Luis Enrique's theory that the best players play.




has started the season like a shot and crowned with a cross shot a great first part of the team, where he did not suffer if it had not been for the excess of tranquility of

Unai Simón

, who played several balls to the midfielders, with a rival on his back, which almost cost him a dislike.

If it hadn't been for that anecdote, no one would have found out about his debut.

Things started to get complicated as soon as he returned from halftime, when the Dutch coach made four changes.

There was no time to see if they worked when Van de Beek received a cross at the far post against which neither

Iñigo Martínez



were forceful

, who saw a yellow on the next play when stopping a foul attack (which was almost a penalty) .

However, the team rallied and enjoyed chances to get ahead again.

A heads-up from


, which is still missing, another from Koke, a shot from


... The team was fine, but as it was a friendly, Luis Enrique continued with his preconceived plan.

He put

Olmo, Ferrán and Adama

in place of Gerard Moreno, Morata and Asensio.

The top three, wow.

It happens that, at this point in the night, and as has happened since the game has been played without an audience, the players' bellows had dropped and the game had died.

This Spain, yes but no, his good role had not given him for more and the last 20 minutes only served for Luis Enrique to grant

Sergio Ramos

the minutes with which to fatten a figure (176) that will convert him, within not long, in the player who has played the most games for his national team in history.

The technician is also determined to do so.

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