Hatta hosts the Garmin Quest December 18th

On December 18, the Hatta region will host the "Garmin Quest Hatta 2020" race, organized by the Arabian Arab Company in cooperation with the Dubai Sports Council, with the support of the Dubai Police, and sponsored by Hatta Adventures, Hatta Kayak and the Garmin International Company, in which competition takes place in three sports, which are mountain bikes. Kayaking and running.

The Dubai Sports Council announced the opening of registration to participate in the race through the Hoba Sport website https://www.hopasports.com/en/event/garmin-quest-2020, and registration will be available to all community members of different nationalities and physical levels from the age of 14 to 60 years old, and registration continues until Wednesday, December 16th.

Participation will be limited to the individual category only within two races, the first is for amateurs, in which competition is for a distance of 13 km bicycles, running for 5.5 km, kayaking for 1 km, and the second race is for professionals, in which cycling competes for a distance of 27 km, and running for 10 km. A kayak for a distance of 1 km.

Each race is divided into 6 stages. In the amateur category, the race begins in the first stage with bicycles for a distance of 6 kilometers, then moves to the second stage by running for a distance of 2.5 kilometers, and in the third stage, rowing for a distance of 1 km, then the contestant moves to the fourth stage by running again for a distance of 2.5 kilometers, then In the fifth stage, he cycles back for a distance of 7 kilometers, and in the sixth stage he runs for a distance of 500 meters.

In the professional category, the first stage includes a 20-kilometer cycling race, in the second stage running 2.5 kilometers, in the third stage, kayaking for 1 kilometer, in the fourth stage, running 2.5 kilometers, and in the fifth, cycling a distance of 7 kilometers, and in the sixth stage Running for 5 km.

The competitions in the race varied in this unique and exciting way to ensure that the participants had a wonderful experience in the foothills of the Hatta mountains, between the valleys and in the center of the city to enjoy its picturesque nature.

Participants will receive their racing equipment from the racing village headquarters in Hatta "Wadi Hub", after registration closes on December 17 and 18. They will have to bring basic racing supplies during the competitions such as their racing bike. Participants who do not own a bicycle can rent one of the appropriate bikes provided by them. The organizing committee is through the registration site, and the mountain bike will be the best fit to participate in the cycling race, and they must bring their protection helmet, running shoes, and a backpack to carry water and special belongings, while the participants will have to use the rowing boats that will be provided by the organizing committee during The race is not allowed to use private boats.

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