After an uneventful first half, Denmark took the lead on a corner after an hour of play.

Just over ten minutes later, the Danes rolled up Sweden after a throw-in in the offensive half, and national team debutant Alexander Bah pressed there 2-0.

Denmark, who had 63 percent ball possession, won fairly fairly and Sweden's best goal chance was a free kick at the end.

Sebastian Larsson then fired a good shot that the Danish fifth goalkeeper (!) Oliver Christensen tipped in the crossbar.

- I really do not like that Sweden is not able to establish any game during almost the entire match.

It was not until the last ten minutes, when Sebastian Larsson and Dejan Kulusevski were replaced, that something happened, says SVT's expert Daniel Nannskog and continues:

- There was a very clear increase in quality when Larsson and Kulusevski were replaced.

That says something about the fact that we do not have a huge breadth in Swedish football.

We have a clear starting eleven and maybe five or six really good replacements who can go in and do the job.

That's where we are right now.

Were any of the non-regular Swedes playing closer to the European Championship squad?

- Marcus Danielson showed good pace from his midfield position and Mattias Svanberg was sometimes completely okay.

Otherwise we did not get the answers we wanted.