"Garmin Quest" cycling, kayak and running at Hatta on December 18th

The race is on 6 stages and for different distances.

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On December 18, the Hatta region will host the "Garmin Quest Hatta 2020" race, which is organized by the "Arabian Epic" company in cooperation with the Dubai Sports Council, with the support of Dubai Police, and sponsored by Hatta Adventures and Hatta Kayak.

The racing competitions are divided into mountain biking, kayaking and running.

In a press release, the Dubai Council announced the opening of registration to participate in this race on the Hoba Sport website https://www.hopasports.com/ en / event / garmin-quest -2020, registration will be available to all members of society of various nationalities and physical levels, from the age of 14 to 60 years, and registration will continue even two days before the start of the race.

He emphasized that participation will be limited to the singles category only within the two races: the first for amateurs, in which they compete for a distance of 13 km bicycles, and run 5.5 km, and kayaking for a distance of 1 km.

In return, the second race will be dedicated to professionals.

The race will start at 7 am, and the start will be from Hatta Wadi Hub, and the time will be calculated during the competition through the timing chip that will be placed at one of the contestants ’feet.

Each race is divided into 6 stages, starting with bicycles (6 km), then running in the second stage (2.5 km), and in the third rowing (1 km), and fourth running again (2.5 km), cycling (7 km), and finally running (Half a km).

In professionals, the race begins with cycling (20 km), then running (2.5 km), kayaking (km), jogging (2.5 km), then cycling (7 km), and finally running (5 km).

• Registration in the various race classes is open to amateurs and professionals from 14 to 60 years old.

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