This weekend, Stina Nilsson makes the long-awaited competition premiere as a biathlete, in the Swedish premiere in Idre.

This is the first duel between the beginner Nilsson and the reigning Olympic champion Hanna Öberg.

In addition, Nilsson is facing world-class resistance.

Then the 27-year-old has soon been active in the sport for eight months.

So what expectations can you have of her?

Both she and the national team management are trying to tone it all down.

- Since I am in a context where everyone else shoots better than I do, I do not think I am so good because everyone else is better.

But I am humble and realize that I have progressed.

I will not be on the same level as those who have been for 15 years.

I have to tell myself to be patient, says Nilsson.

Her shooting coach, Jean-Marc Chabloz, agrees.

- She can perform almost at top, but there is a lack of shooting speed.

She can not shoot like Hanna (Öberg), that is a fact.

Stina could shoot full on one competition and on the next competition have six barriers.

It's all right and she has to do it.

I expect her to do what we talked about, he says.

Mental strain

TT: Do you talk a lot about the mental, that it can go up and down?

- Every day.

She is an incredible competition person.

That is also why she learned the sport of biathlon faster than anyone else.

It's okay to shoot full one day and be on the podium to be 75 the next day.

TT: How far behind is she the others at the moment?

- It is clear that in time on the dike she is a little behind, but not so that it stands out.

If you do not know, you do not think it will go slowly.

I told my colleague the other day - look at Stina, she looks like a biathlete now, it's pretty cool.

Chabloz does not want to give any exact times on how long the shooting series take on average, but he prefers that she take care of the shots and put a few extra seconds on the embankment.

- She can shoot for 30 seconds and then I try to tag her down a bit to keep the pace down.

We try to nibble tenths for each pass.

She is perhaps a little slower in lying than standing when there are slightly larger movements when going down.

It stops faster, there I have seen series under 30.

CLIP: Three fast with Stina Nilsson and Hanna Öberg (October 3, 2020)

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Three fast with Stina Nilsson and Hanna Öberg