Sumo Wrestling November Place Both Masayo and Takakeishō win together Ozeki 3 consecutive wins November 10 18:53

Sumo Wrestling November is the 3rd day, and Masayo and Takakeishō Ozeki have won together for 3 consecutive victories.

It is a victory or defeat after entering the middle.

In the new opening of the Tenkukai to Juryo Midori Fuji, the Tenkukai won the first white star in the Makuuchi.

Shimanoumi is pushed out by Chiyoshoma.

Kotonowaka is pushed out to Chiyo no Kuni.

Chiyotairyu withdraws Ichinojo from Chiyotairyu.

Kaisei was handed over to Toyoyama, and he won the most confusing thing.

Enhō Akira beat Hoshoryu with a small throw and won three consecutive victories.

On the other hand, Enho has lost three games in a row.

Ryuden throws Akio to Ryuden.

Kotoeko is close to the sea of ​​Sada.

Terutsuyoshi pushes out to Aoiyama.

Endo is close to Tokushoryu.

Tamawashi is pushed out to Takarafuji.

Kotoshoho throws Tochinoshin well.

To Myogiryu, Shosaru won the first white star by pushing it down.

Daieishō is pushed out by Hokutofuji.

Terunofuji pushes Abu Saki to Terunofuji.

In the sea of ​​Okinoumi, Shin Sekiwake and Takanosho are open to the sea of ​​Okinoumi.

Mitakeumi extrudes Kagayaki into Sekiwake and Mitakeumi.

Ozeki and Asanoyama will be closed due to an injury on their right shoulder, and Wakatakakage will be a bye.

Kiribayama is pushed down by Takakeishō in Ozeki and Takakeishō.

Takayasu won the new Ozeki and Masayo by pushing them down.

Both Ozeki have won three consecutive victories.