Little by little,

Luis Enrique

becomes Luis Enrique.

Every time he stands in front of journalists, he makes an effort not to say what he thinks of them, which is probably unpublishable.

But of course, the concentrations are passing, the contacts are narrowing, the questions are complicated ... And all this, together with a sad atmosphere, with a city,


, empty and closed, makes it difficult to be in a good mood.

Luis Enrique was not on Tuesday at the

Johan Cruyff Arena

, and that was presented in the press room after going through the guts of a stadium whose name brings him nothing but good memories.

After walking through the common places almost always, the national coach was asked why, if his manual says that here come those who are playing the best, in the game against the Netherlands on Wednesday there will be



Marco Asensio

, the first condemned to the bench at Chelsea and the second trying to regain his best version at

Real Madrid


"Let's see, first, I don't intend to convince anyone. I give you my arguments and it's over," was the beginning of his answer.

"I do not look at the age or gender of the players. Well, the sex is, it is a male team. But I insist, I do not intend to convince anyone. There are general rules, but there are always exceptions, and those exceptions are a wild card that I have for when I consider it appropriate, without further ado ", he has tried to explain that, basically, he has rules, but that, as they are his, he changes them whenever he wants.

Groucho Marx

did the same with his principles.

Luis Enrique continued: "Kepa is going through a delicate moment, but I have thought about how he is, what he contributes, and I have decided to bring him. Marco Asensio is a player that I love, and I show it with facts. He has come with me in 99 , 9% of the calls, and he is playing assiduously in his team, I think at a good level ".

And, far from closing his answer, he insisted: "I respect the opinions of everyone, mine is based on many hours of study, mine and my 'staff'. And I repeat, I do not pretend to please everyone" .

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