The Swedish biathletes compete first in sprint on Saturday and then in short distance on Sunday.

Although Hanna Öberg can challenge for the victory in the overall World Cup this season, her eyes are not primarily on her this weekend.

Stina Nilsson, who last winter switched cross-country skis to biathlon, will now make her debut in her new sport.

SVT Sports expert Björn Ferry does not really know what to expect from Nilsson.

- It is very difficult to say.

It feels unlikely that she would shoot zero and win.

But the big question is how fast she goes, because that is what in the long run controls how good she will be.

How much faster than Hanna Öberg is she?

Is it a minute?

It plays a very big role.

What will be the biggest challenge for Stina Nilsson this season?

- I would think that it's about biathlon being a more frustrating sport.

It often goes very badly, no matter how good you are.

Most people get very disappointed from time to time, and how does she handle it?

Sprint is admittedly a bit related.

There you can be in good shape and then run one of the poles.

But biathlon is more personal.

You are more exposed, says Ferry and continues:

- It is difficult to blame someone else if you block five shots.

It is the great challenge over time, to move forward.

But the first thing you ask is Stina, so she has all eyes on her.

What else are you most looking forward to seeing this weekend?

- Stina Nilsson will be really exciting to see.

Then it is a good measure of value for everyone.

Is Hanna (Öberg) the strongest?

And how fast does little sister Elvira go?

I think she may have taken steps and maybe even go faster than Hanna.

Then she's not as good at shooting as Hanna, so I still think Hanna pulls the longest straw there.

- The whole women's team is really strong.

There are many who have a high level and push each other.

Among the boys, it is Sebastian Samuelsson who has the greatest potential.

But the question is whether he can turn this around.

It went in the wrong direction last year.

Björn Ferry strongly believes in Hanna Öberg this season.

- Hanna will win the World Cup this year if she can shake off the chills she had during large parts of last year.

Then she becomes very difficult to beat.