Swimming Aoki Women's 50m breaststroke own Japanese record update November 9 22:35

Reona Aoki set a new record of 29.57 seconds by shortening the Japanese record of her own short waterway by 0.40 seconds in the women's 50-meter breaststroke in the international league of swimming competitions held in Hungary.

The International Swimming League, which started last year, is a team competition in which athletes from all over the world are divided into teams to race in a pool with a short waterway of 25 meters and compete for the total points given according to their ranking.

Japanese players are participating in a team called "Tokyo Frog Kings", and at the end of the 8th round of the qualifying league on the 6th, it is confirmed that they will be in the top 8 teams out of the 10 participating teams and decided to advance to the semifinals. ..

On the 9th, Aoki participated in the women's 50-meter breaststroke on the first day of the 9th round, which is the final qualifying league for Japanese players.

Aoki competed with overseas players for a powerful swim from the start and was ranked 3rd, but he shortened the Japanese record of his short waterway, which he marked in October 2019, by 0.40 seconds and set a new record of 29.57 seconds. Did.

In addition, in the women's 200m individual medley, ace Yui Ohashi came in first with a good time of 2 minutes 5 seconds 10 and in the men's 200 meters individual medley, Kosuke Hagino was 1 minute 52.84. It became the first place.

In addition, in the men's 50-meter backstroke, Takeshi Kawamoto took first place in the same time as other players at 23.10, and in the women's 50-meter backstroke, Natsumi Sakai took first place in 26.24. It was.