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England football refused to make five changes like the rest of Europe, context requires, and Pep Guardiola bites his fingers to the bone.

"I do not know how they can not understand that what is happening is different everywhere in the world with this season and the end of last season", railed the Spaniard in a press conference after the match between Liverpool and Manchester City (1-1).

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🤨 Guardiola does not understand the absence of the 5 changes

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The clash between the last two Premier League champions notably saw Trent Alexander-Arnold out with an injury on the hour mark, which Pep was also moved by.

“All of these championships, apart from ours, because they probably like to do things differently, have agreed to make five changes to protect football and the health of the players so that they can go on every three days.

Today, a right-back from England was injured, tomorrow it will be another player.



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