Sumo wrestling November place 2nd day Masayo will play against Kiribayama November 9th 0:13

Sumo Wrestling November is the second day, and Shin-Ozeki and Masayo, who started on the first day with a white star, will play against Kiribayama, the leader of the front.

In November, both Yokozuna of Hakuho and Tsururyu will be closed due to injuries, and they will be required to play an active role in the battle for the championship and to close the ring as the top three Ozeki such as Shin-Ozeki and Shodai.

On the first day of the 8th, Masayo grabbed the first white star as Ozeki due to a reversal on the verge of the battle, and on the 9th of the second day, he will play against Kiribayama, the leader of the front.

It is forbidden for Masayo to go around passively like the first day, and he wants to step firmly into Kiribayama, who is good at four sumo wrestling, and attack himself without spending time.

On the other hand, Asanoyama, the third place in Ozeki, will play against Terunofuji, who is an experienced Ozeki player and has returned to Koyui.

Terunofuji has won the match between the four on the right and the upper left, both of which are good at both.

Terunofuji, who excels in strength, is superior when it comes to deploying with a lot of teams and chests.

For Asanoyama, it seems that the point of the game will be to be able to quickly step in from the witness, pull a shallow turn, and decide the game at once.

Two years after his first victory, Takakeishō, whose goal is to win his first victory since becoming Ozeki, is the first meeting with Wakatakakage, the leader of the front.

If Takakeishō can calmly push while watching the opponent's movement, the advantage will not move.