China News Service, November 8th. The ninth round of La Liga last night and this morning had two focus matches, in which Barcelona beat Real Betis 5-2 at home, Messi scored two goals off the bench.

In addition, Atletico Madrid 4:0 bloodbathed Cadiz, temporarily ascending the league standings.

  For Barcelona and Betis, Messi unexpectedly appeared on the bench.

In the first half, Dembele scored in the first half, and Griezmann wasted the opportunity to score a penalty kick. Before the end of the midfield, Sanabria equalized Betis.

  After the easy side battle, Messi revitalized the Barcelona audience after coming off the bench. First, a subtle leak helped Griezmann score, and then Mandy sent a handball to the red dot package. Messi made a free throw to expand the score on the court. .

  In the 73rd minute, Moron succeeded with a follow-up shot, and the point difference was approaching again.

But 9 minutes later, Messi scored twice after hitting the wall on the right, which also ended the personal embarrassing sports and ball shortage.

As the game draws to a close, Pedri is the icing on the cake.

In the end, Barcelona defeated Real Betis 5:2 to take all 3 points, ending four rounds of invincibility.

  Another venue, Atletico Madrid vs. Cadiz.

In the first half, Llorente assisted Felix to open the scoring, and then Llorente made contributions to expand the score.

After the adjustment of the intermission, the two teams exchanged venues to start the battle again, Felix assisted Suarez to score, and Felix scored before the end of the game.

  In the end, Atletico Madrid beat Cadiz 4-0, ushering in the league's four consecutive victories, while temporarily ascending to the top of the La Liga standings.

  In the remaining games, Sevilla beat Osasuna 1:0, Huesca shook hands with Ebar 1:1, and Real Madrid will make an appearance in the early morning of the 10th, Beijing time, against Valencia.