Russia's systematic doping issue CAS expects final decision later this year November 6, 9:36

On the 5th, the CAS = Court of Arbitration for Sport completed an interview with the people concerned in the arbitration over the legitimacy of the disposition to Russia, which banned participation in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics due to systematic doping.

CAS has indicated that it will make a final decision later this year.

WADA = World Anti-Doping Agency banned Russia from participating in major international competitions for four years last December for falsifying and submitting athlete test data over Russia's systematic doping issues At the same time, we have decided to dispose that only athletes who meet strict conditions can participate in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics with individual qualifications.

As the Russian side dissatisfied with the disposition, CAS was proceeding with arbitration proceedings over the legitimacy of the disposition in response to WADA's proceedings.

On the 5th, CAS announced that it had held hearings online for four days by this date, and announced that it had finished hearing from the people concerned, and said that it would make a final decision by the end of the year.

The hearing was held privately because the Russian side did not agree to open it to the public, but WADA Chairman Witold Banca said, "WADA was able to give a satisfactory explanation at the hearing. We look forward to the final decision. I announced a comment.