Swimming race Ohashi breaks his own short waterway Japan record Women's 200m individual medley November 6th 8:04

In the women's 200-meter individual medley of the international league of swimming in Hungary, Ace Yui Ohashi broke the Japanese record for her own short waterway.

The international swimming league, which started last year, is a team competition in which athletes from all over the world are divided into teams and race in a pool with a short waterway of 25 meters to compete for the total points given according to their ranking. Kosuke Kitajima participates in a team called "Tokyo Frog Kings", which is the general manager.

On the 5th, the first day of Round 8 of the qualifying league, female ace Ohashi participated in the 200-meter individual medley.

Ohashi finished 4th in the first butterfly stroke and moved up to 2nd place in the second backstroke, which is his specialty.

He showed a strong swim in the second half and was ranked 2nd, but he further shortened the Japanese record of the short waterway that was marked at the domestic tournament held on the 18th of last month by 0.05 and set a new record of 2 minutes 5 seconds 04. did.

In addition, in the women's 50-meter backstroke, the team's youngest 19-year-old Natsumi Sakai aggressively skipped from the start and finished second with a good time of 26.13, approaching 0.08 to the Japanese record for the short waterway. ..