Skiing Ryoyu Kobayashi "1 win at the World Cup and gold at the World Championship" before the season 16:15 on November 5th

Before the pre-season of the Beijing Olympics begins in earnest, the ski-jumping boy's ace, Ryosuke Kobayashi, met and said, "I want to concentrate on my performance and win the World Cup first and win the gold medal at the World Championship." I talked about enthusiasm.

The Ski Association of Japan held a meeting in Tokyo before the pre-season of the Beijing Olympics next year began in earnest, and won three wins last season at the World Cup of jumping men's ace, Kobayashi and freestyle ski moguls. Ikuma Horishima and others mentioned above attended.

Of these, Kobayashi, who was third overall in the individual overall at the Jump Men's World Cup last season, said, "Last year, I was nervous enough to have various people support me. I want to win one World Cup and win a gold medal at the World Championship. "

Kobayashi is close to one more win in the number of World Cup wins, up to 17 wins in total, which is the largest number of Japanese players owned by Noriaki Kasai, who is the manager of his team.

The Jump Men's World Cup is scheduled to begin in Poland on the 20th.

In addition, Akito Watabe of Nordic Combined, who could not come to the venue, said online, "I felt the joy of exploring with the corona and the joy of improving. Don't forget to show yourself and show yourself. I want to race. I don't know what will happen to the Beijing Olympics, but I'm still preparing, so I'd like to take a firm approach so that I can always be there. "