Ski Jumping Women's World Cup Zao Tournament Alternative Adjusted with one additional match in Sapporo November 4, 22:40

As an alternative to the ski jumping women's world cup "Zao Tournament" in Yamagata City, which was canceled due to the influence of the new coronavirus, adjustments have been made to hold one individual match at the "Sapporo Tournament" in January next year. It was.

The "Sapporo Tournament" is scheduled to be held at the Okurayama Jump Stadium in Sapporo City from January 8th next year for the World Cup in Ski Jumping Women's Japan.

On the other hand, it was announced that the "Zao Tournament" scheduled for January 15th in Yamagata City will be canceled on the 31st of last month because it is difficult to secure personnel to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus.

Under these circumstances, the executive committee made in the local area, Sapporo City, etc., the International Ski Association, and the Ski Association of Japan held a private discussion on how to hold the "Sapporo Tournament" on the night of the 4th.

According to the people concerned, the International Ski Federation asked to hold one individual match of the Zao tournament at the Sapporo tournament, and the executive committee indicated its intention to consider it positively.

As a result, at the Sapporo tournament, in addition to the two individual matches scheduled from the beginning, we have begun to make adjustments to hold a total of three individual matches, which is an alternative to the Zao tournament.