Porto-OM's express debrief (3-0) -

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  • OM lost 3-0 on Tuesday night against FC Porto at the Dragon stadium for the third day of the Champions League.

  • It is the twelfth defeat in a row for OM in this competition, now the record for the most consecutive defeats in the Champions League.

  • André Villas-Boas, like the players, do not want to dwell on this sad record.

At the Dragon stadium in Porto,

Olympique de Marseille were swept 3-0 by FC Porto on Tuesday night in Portugal for the third day of the Champions League.

More than this new disappointment almost synonymous with non-qualification for the round of 16, it comes above all to mark a sad record in the history of the competition: OM now has the highest number of defeats in a row, with 12 games lost right now.

A record that hurts Marseille fans very much, while the Champions League is an integral part of OM's history with this victory in 1993 often recalled through the famous

Forever the First


As if OM needed that at this complicated start to the season.

“We are at zero points, we also have a cumulative past Champions League.

All these elements put together is a lot, ”admitted Steve Mandanda at the microphone of RMC Sport.

" It's a shame "

André Villas-Boas, who appeared dejected at a press conference after this defeat, was also asked about this sad record.

“It's a shame, this shit fell on OM.

To be weak and to do shit in the Champions League, you need to be there.

We're here, and we're doing shit.

It's like that, ”he was fatalistic, while recalling that he had“ nothing to do with that ”.

I can't take any more.

I loved him seriously but it's no longer possible.

What the hell are they doing in training?

Only sentences like that but always the same things in a match ...

- Basile Bilo (@basilebilo) November 4, 2020

True, because this sad series of defeats begins with the defeat of OM against Inter Milan (2-1) in 2012 at the time of Elie Baup, before continuing during the 2013/2014 season. and the six losses in six games.

But also false, because it is André Villas-Boas who is at the head of this OM already defeated three times in three games.

"Give a better image"

But more than this record or a possible qualification in the Europa League, "the Europa League is for the losers", has also dropped André Villas Boas, it is the level of play offered by the Olympians that is problematic.

“It's not the loss record that worries us.

What worries us are the results at the moment, especially in the Champions League.

We can say what we want, it is completely insufficient, “admitted Valentin Rongier on RMC Sport.

“The only thing that concerns me is to give a better image.

The advantage is that this competition will end quickly with the matches that follow one another, it is absolutely necessary to give a good image of the club ”, hopes AVB.

And for that, it will be necessary to avoid a thirteenth defeat in a row in the Champions League, still against Porto on November 25, but at the Velodrome stadium this time.


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