Igor and Suarez Dedicate Fourth Joy and Point 12 to "The King"

Sharjah honors its guest Faris Al Gharbia with five

  • Igor opened the quintet of Sharjah with a penalty kick in the first half.

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The Sharjah team responded to its consideration against the Al Dhafra team, with a big victory of five clean, yesterday, at its stadium in Sharjah in the fourth round of the Arab Gulf League.

The match witnessed a great brilliance for Sharjah stars, Brazilians Igor Kornado and Wilton Suarez, along with the rest of the players.

Sharjah continued its journey of supremacy this season, and maintained the full mark at the top with point 12. On the other hand, Al Dhafra appeared in a way different to his previous matches, in which he made strong performances, and his balance was frozen at seven points, after receiving his first loss in the league.

Igor scored two goals in the two minutes (21 penalties and 45), and Suarez scored a "hat-trick" in the 37th, 49th and 64th minutes.

It is noteworthy that the last match between the two teams, before yesterday's meeting, saw Al Dhafra win three goals against a goal in the canceled league last season, and the matches of the two teams were always strong and club.

The match came from one side, Sharjah, who dominated the course of the game, while Al Dhafra, who suffered greatly in this match, seemed absent from the events of the meeting.

Sharjah striker, Brazilian Wilton Suarez, was the top scorer in the league, after jumping with his score to six goals by scoring a "hat-trick" in this match.

Igor Kornado put his team Sharjah in the lead after he succeeded in scoring the first goal "21" from a penalty that was awarded by the referee of the match, Muhammad Ubaid Khadem, after Sharjah player Wilton Suarez was blocked by Al Dhafra player Issam Al Adwa inside the restricted area.

Suarez hit the second goal of Sharjah (37), taking advantage of a cross shot by his colleague Khaled Al-Dhanhani at the beginning after a break of dribbling. Wonderful, the goalkeeper Khaled Al-Senani did not see her, except when she hugged his window.

The beginning of the second half saw Suarez score the fourth goal for Sharjah (49) from a cross played by Khaled Al-Dhanhani, then added the fifth goal (64).

Jordan's professional scorer, Yassin Al-Bakhit, Al Dhafra appeared to be absent in this match, although he had represented his team's trump card in previous matches.

The second half witnessed attempts by Al Dhafra to reduce the difference, but they were unsuccessful.

• Al Dhafra received its first loss this season.

• Double Brazilian Igor, and a "hat trick" for his compatriot Suarez.

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